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High Guys,

Your friend Ryan here.

After spending over 35 years growing my pot, I’ve learned more than a handful of things.

One of those things is that the marijuana cultivation industry is a extremely competitive, ever-changing and secretive. Professional cannabis growers, many of which are my close friends, never disclose their top growing secrets, or even more rarely, their best equipment.

Many of this top secret equipment is custom made, finely tuned to perfection over years of trial and error.

Fortunately for us, a small group of the world’s top tier growers came together and decided to spread their love, experience and knowledge of growing delicious bud to anyone who is smart enough to listen.

Personally, I am beyond excited to announce that we’re finally bringing this industry secret to the public. That means more of YOU sharing in the positivity, light, peace and unity that smoking and spreading your own homegrown pot brings.

These are the grow lights that my colleagues and I ALL use to produce limitless amounts of the world’s finest class marijuana. And now, for the first time ever, you can get your hands on that type of pot too.

Forget paying top-shelf prices for low quality bud. Start growing the most premiere bud in the world for only a fraction of what you normally pay.

I’m sure you’ve heard all your smoking buddies complain about how hard it is to grow quality bud, but that’s only because they’re doing it WRONG. Growing pot has never been easier or more satisfying and productive. These grow lights, alongside my fail-proof growing system, will produce you the bushy, healthy plants that consistently provide you with the stickiest, most succulent flowers - GUARANTEED.

These grow lights are produced from the highest quality material possible, and hand-tested by the world’s top rated weed specialists. Using top-quality LED bulbs and countless years of fine tuning, we’ve finally created the ultimate growing device, providing your plants with the spectral nutrients they need.

It’s time for you to stop smoking average bud and start illuminating your future with the world’s finest grow lights.

As always, stay positive, stay green,


When your grow lights arrives and your pot growing potential begins to expend exponentially, your friends will start to CRAVE the bud you start producing. For your own safety and mental health, only tell your closest friends of your newest growing secret as this bud will change the way they smoke forever. Low-quality street pot won’t satisfy their desires anymore. With great power comes great responsibility, smoke safe.



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