how to grow marijuana
how to grow marijuana

how to grow marijuana

Who Else Wants To Learn How To Easily Grow Their Own Bottomless, Top-Quality Sticky Frosty Elite Nug Supply?

to grow weed

If you're ready to stop getting ripped off spending an arm and a leg on your marijuana and would like to learn the revolutionary easy system that'll teach you how to grow marijuana like a pro virtually overnight so you can have your own superior quality bottomless home-grown marijuana, than you'll probably want to read on...

Hey friend, whats up?! Let me ask you a few questions... and be honest with me here;


Have you ever liked the idea of growing your own top-quality herb supply but became stressed due to INFORMATION OVERLOAD out there? Lost in a sea of muddled grow information and had absolutely no idea where to start?


Ever felt like learning to grow your own medicine supply that is healthy and clean would be a lot of confusing work, cost too much money to get started right away, or be wayyyy too complicated and difficult to learn?


Have you become SICK and TIRED of getting home from school or work sore and exhausted from a long stressful day just ready to get some relief.... but uhoh! as you reach for your marijuana jar you realize there's nothing but crumbs at the bottom. All out again. And it always happens when you need your medicine the most...

Let's face it; not having access to your very own endless supply of medicinal marijuana SUCKS.

Being able to smoke copious amounts of "top-shelf" medicine that you truly deserve whenever you want to has to be one of the best feelings... ever.

Hi. If you haven't heard of me my name's Ryan Riley and I've been teaching suffering patients in need how to grow their own legal medicinal marijuana supply in the comfort of their very own home for over 20 years. I've effectively developed what I, and many others are now referring to as; "The most effective & easiest 'how to grow medicinal marijuana' system on the planet."

I remember when I first started out wanting to grow my own medicine after I was diagnosed with my depression and got my prescription... I really wanted to grow my own and stop relying on others for my important medication.

The problem was, I didn't know anything or where to go, so I bought a bunch of grow books and interviewed every local expert I could find. Every book I bought since then has been what I feel to be like a damn college textbook... I felt like I needed a PHD in Biological Science in order to understand it. These "grow bibles" also were flooded with unclear information, full page cluttered ads and crappy images I had to strain my eyes to see, vague instructions and dense unorganized confusing information. My first growers were a disaster. I wasted so much money on ruined crops, incorrect equipment, blown up bulbs, mold-destroyed plants, incorrect feeding... you name it. I made every mistake in the book, but the bottom line was that I was FRUSTRATED. Was growing my own awesome medicine supply to enjoy really have to be this HARD?!?

I wanted something simple. Something that was easy to follow along that produced incredible results - FAST! There was nothing out there like this. No complete system that would hold my hand from seed to smoke.

One day I finally did it. I accidentally stepped on the magical formula. One day it just all clicked for me. It's like every little piece of growing information came together and I grew my first incredible crop. My own home-grown medicine was 10x more healing & pain relieiving that anything "top quality" I've used for my medical condition at the dispensaries and clinics that I had to pay "top" dollar for.

But did I just get lucky? Did I execute this flawless grow from seed to relief in record time by mere luck? I tried to do it again. And it worked. More potent medicine to enjoy as fast and effortless as ever. Then I did it again. And again. And again. A flawless grow EVERY time. The perfect execution. From seed to pain relief in one fell swoop - one fast perfect method to produce an incredibly potent perfect crop - problem free.

It was then and there that I developed my how to grow marijuana system, distilled from all the books I've read, every DVD I've watched, every extensive interview and conversation with other talented medicinal marijuana growers, all the classes I've taken, all the personal research and study, all the failed attempts and mistakes I've learned from the hard expensive way.

It was all here. I wanted to share this shortcut to legal medicinal ganja growing success with everyone I could, so I had to test it out first. I immediately taught my neighbor who had his own medical marijuana prescription. And guess what? After applying my system within a very short time he grew his very own awesome green medicine supply in record time without having to go through the frustrating pain and 10-15 year learning curve most 'experts' have to go through to learn how to do it right…

So I began teaching it to more and more people who needed to grow their own medicine in the comforts of their homes and then more suffering people were doing it. After everyone calling me with such excitement and joy about their newly grown effortless buds I realized I stumbled on something profound. I had a gift - I could literally shave TEN YEARS or more off of any medicinal marijuana growers learning curve and turn them from total newbie who knows nothing to pro overnight.

Using my easy step-by-step system they wouldn't have to buy and study 20+ technical pieces books, DVDs, How-to magazine back issues, grow journals ETC in order to extract all the puzzle pieces and crucial bits and pieces of each and every different source in a time consuming(and expensive) learning proccess like I did. No stress, frustration, or thousands of wasted dollars on seeds, ruined equipment, and destroyed crops by mold, pests diseases / growing mistakes. I finally created a system that is what I believe to be to easiest quickest way to learn how to grow your own incredible medicinal marijuana in the shortest time possible that has proven over and over again with multiple customers to be the currently best method out there for learning how to grow marijuana. All one needs to do is sit down, follow my easy book step-by-step, and then they can't NOT fail. I spent over 5 years putting this exhuastive system together for those suffering sick patients in need of their green medicine supply in abundance.

But I must warn you... my book isn't for everyone and I don't want just everyone buying it. Below I've included a lot of the main content( it's just the tip of iceberg, do you know what a 748 web page would like like? Gives me the chills!!!) so you have a pretty good idea of exactly what you're getting if you think it's right for you. If you're not 100% satisfied, I don't want to touch your money. I'm serious, I'm a lover of green and good vibes.. if you're not happy with buying my book than neither am I taking your hard earned money. I've created this next section for you so you can see if my guide is right for you and your individual desires wants and needs as a medicinal marijuana patient.


Before I share just what "Growing Elite Marijuana" is - please allow me to let you know what it is NOT:

how to grow marijuana
• It is not outdated or rehashed techniques.

• It is not a fancy picturebook flooded with full-page "fillers" and annoying advertisements, lacking real solid weed growing content. There is no incessent rambling or babbling anywhere in this book. I've cut trough the junk and clutter and extracted the BEST of the other expert minds of the industry including adding my own personal experiences and growing knowledge learned over 20 years of elite cannabis cultivation and formed it all into an easy to understand organized guide book that will take you from seed to smoke in no time.

• It is not another boring science college textbook packed with confusing clutter and a sea of unorganized overly technical information that requires a PHD in plant sciences to understand.

• It is not another poorly put together horribly edited grow book that after completing it leaves the reader in the dark on many other issues and with so much more to be desired. It's designed as a guide book as well as a COMPLETE reference and is the most comprehensive guide ever created on the subject, contained 250 more solid pages of information than any leading grow "bibles" today. This brand new just released book is PACKED full of the latest and greatest up-to-date growing techniques, tips, tricks, and information to teach those serious growers how to grow their own mean endless frosty crystal coated dense sticky nug supply. If you want to learn how to grow marijuana, marijuana growing expert Ryan Riley will show you each and every step of the way.

how to grow marijuana






how to grow marijuana

Ryan Riley's Growing Elite Marijuana - The Complete Guide


It's finally here! The brand new book features 748 (yes - you read that correctly) pages of the most up-to-date information encompassing virtually EVERYTHING you will ever need to know for how to grow your own mind blowing top-caliber medicinal marijuana. It combines over 20+ years of growing medicinal marijuana(the highest standard of bud quality today) knowledge all distilled down into one awesome guide. This legendary 748 page marijuana growing guide is jam-packed with breathtaking beautiful high quality HD images, easy to understand essential charts, tables, and graphs that make EVERY step of growing and maintaining your marijuana plants so crystal clear that even 80 year old grandmas could do it(and they have!).

Here's some of what's Inside (note: again, this is just the tip of the iceberg)...


Chapter One

Introduction to Growing Medical Marijuana

I've designed this section for getting you started growing quickly. We'll begin by giving you a rock solid foundation for the rest of the entire book and your marijuana growing career. Get ready to grow some amazing bud that offers a long lasting soaring high with a smooth easy comedown that doesn't make you feel groggy.

Think of this crucial segment like building a skyscraper, if we don't set the foundation first when learning how to grow marijuana, there's no use working on, enhancing, and building up the 40th floor because it's still going to crumble due to the fragile foundation. This section will bring you up to speed fast so you can start growing right away!


Marijuana Basics

how to grow marijuana The six essential marijuana growth ingredients to producelots and lots of dense buds sticky-dusted with crystals. (pg. 4)
growing weed The negative, neutral, and positive effects of using marijuana. Some of these may surprise you! (pg. 7)
growing marijuana Using marijuana [including the rundown on how bongs work, pipes, vaporizers, eating, drinking, tinctures, creams, lotions, and more... (pg. 10)
weed What gets you high, and what you need to know for growing your very own sticky secret stash with a great high and great taste. (pg. 11)
grow weed Exactly what you need to know about bud potency - THC, CBD, and more. (pg. 12)
grow marijuana Growing Marijuana Indoors - the pros and cons of indoor marijuana growing. (pg. 14)
Growing Marijuana Outdoors - the pros and cons of outdoor marijuana growing. (pg. 17)
cannabis All about yield, aka, "how much will I get off my plants?" Find out the numbers now - (pg. 18)
grow What is better, hydroponics or soil? Including the key differences of each and which one gives your bud that deep, dank smell. (pg. 19)
marijuana The PERFECT choice for a first time grower and why. (pg. 21)
how to And much MUCH more...


cannabis recipes An in-depth look at marijuana "strains" and how each offers you a colorful new stoned feeling - Find out the strains that GUARANTEE you get a high that hits you ridiculously quickly, if not by the 1st hit, you'll feel it on the 2nd. It spreads almost exactly the way it enters the body, basically getting whatever it touches immediately high – first the face, then into your chest, then dispersed to the rest of the body – 10 to 15 minutes after smoking, your whole body is lit up. (pg. 23).
indoors Indica vs. Sativa, the crucial differences of each and how each one affects your type of high and grow. (pg. 24)
outdoors All about Indica. (pg. 25)
closet All about Sativa. (pg. 26)
your own marijuana Tips on choosing your variety to suit your unique individual needs as a grower (pg. 28)
The absolute best strains for a first time grower. (pg. 30)
Know EXACTLY what to look for when choosing a seed to plant, including height, potency, aroma, indoors or outdoors, yield tendency, location, flowering time, and much more. (pg. 32)
Great choices for growing near the equator, especially if you're looking for that classic Kush taste. (pg. 33)
Modern day popular strain list organized by type of high (from couch lock indicas to giggly party marijuana to psychadelic trippy sativas). (pg. 34)
And much MUCH more...


How to select viable seeds - how to know EXACTLY what to look for. (pg. 38)
How to accurately identify immature or frail weak seeds, and what to do about them. (pg. 38)

The critical first step - selecting proper genetics to ensure a successful grow. (pg. 39)

Where exactly to get quality seeds safely, discretely, and securely. (pg. 40)

The world's greatest seedbank listing recommended by me personally as well as many expert growers(featuring a wide selection of unbelievable seed strains, scarily low prices, stealth packaging, responsive customer service, and years of reliability and reputation) including full seed bank reviews. (pg. 41)

Secret underground seedbanks that carry some of the best strains known to man. You've got to try these to grow buds with a distinct, pungent smell that says, “Hope you’ve got nothing planned buddy.”! (pg. 43)
Not ready to plant your seeds yet? How to properly store your seed to ensure maximum freshness and perfect quality for up to 5 years. Open them up 5 years later and they will be as fresh as the day you got them in the mail. How to store seeds properly (including the ideal environment to ensure optimal germination rates, and the two MOST IMPORTANT factors that affect your seed's quality). (pg. 44)

The best seed storage method used by the top profesional marijuana growers today. (pg. 44)

How long seeds can be stored to ensure anytime you plant them they will produce a budding plant that provides for a great high, and smells delicious! (pg. 44)
Putting seeds in the refrigerator might harm them if set at the wrong temperature! Learn how to store them right. (pg. 45)
And much MUCH more...

Chapter Two

Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis

This next chapter is crucial for later practical applications of cannabis training techniques for growing some divine buds with frosty white sparkling rich coatings. Your comprehension of this segment is critical to ensure a massive seemingly endless harvest of bud that packs a serious punch complete with a taste that is nothing short of divine.

If you're ready to smoke less for that incredible stoned feeling, than you will need to read through this section to get a solid foundation before you grow. Learning how to grow marijuana can be hard at first if you don't have a good plan. No worries - I cut out the crap and clutter that pollutes so many other thick technical grow books out there and I have made it my #1 priority to make this section extremely clear. The first part will begin to educate you about the different parts of the actual marijuana plant, shortly followed by a complete breakdown of each and every phase of growth marijuana will grow through during its entire life cycle, followed by much much more...

Inside you'll discover an in-depth look at the different parts of the plant (from root hairs to trichomes to internodes, all clearly shown with detailed labeled illustrations and beautiful “micro photography” closeups. This part is important so don't skip it, you need to know exactly what you're working with for the rest of the book so when things get more technical I don't lose you!). (pg. 48)

Plant Sexing

How to tell if your plant is male or female. Featuring crystal clear HD images to ensure you'll accurately be able to know 100% of the time and learn exactly how to identify the early signs - (pg. 55).

All about marijuana hermaphrodites – why they happen[specific causation factors], how and why to avoid them, and how to tell if your plant is flowering normally or turning into a hermaphrodite. (pg. 61)
Five easy and 100% accurate methods for how to determine your plant's sex early on, and why this is an extremely important thing to do if you want to grow eye-popping buds that get your heart pounding. (pg. 63)
And much MUCH more...

Germination / Seedling Phase

Learn the complete breakdown of each phase, what happens during each, all clearly illustrated and thouroughly described. (pg. 65)
Know EXACTLY what happens during germination and the seedling phase, and how to know which your plant is in. (pg. 66)
The perfect lighting conditions for fragile delicate sprouts that'll produce for you lots and lots of nugs doused with crystals. (pg. 70)
And much MUCH more...

Vegetative Growth

Exactly what happens to your plant during this critical growth phase and how exactly it will affect your buds, including how to know including clear pictures every step of the way. (pg. 68)
Learn the key to a strong vigorous vegetative growth phase that will reap a heavy, sparkling rich harvest that packs a powerful punch. (pg. 69)
No babbling here. Get right to what's important and learn eaxactly how much light your plant will need during its vegetative growth phase for optimal harvest yield and resin development(potency.) (pg. 69)
The perfect lighting conditions for growing extremely healthy and potent marijuana. (pg. 70)
How to correctly water your vegetating plants for a heavy abundant harvest. (pg. 70)
The KEY nutrients required by cannabis during vegetative growth, and why. (pg. 71)
The #1 BIGGEST fatal newbie growing mistake made by 99% of all newbie growers during vegetative growth, and how to avoid it. (pg. 71)
The best nutrient ratio to use during vegetative growth, for both hydroponic growing and soil. (pg. 72)
And much MUCH more...


How to get much more bud from your flowering plants. (pg. 72)
How tall your plant will grow during flowering (so you can plan your grow space acordingly!). (pg. 73)

The three CRUCIAL factors to consider before deciding to initiate flowering on ANY marijuana plant (that is, if you want the most potent biggest buds on the block...) - (pg. 72)

When exactly is the best time to flower? Find out the PERFECT time to induce it in your plants. (pg. 73)
Exactly what happens to your plant during every phase of flowering, and how exactly to recognize each one. (pg. 74)
The esssential nutrients your Flowering marijuana plants ache for during this exciting growth phase. If you want to hold extraordinary buds in your hand, this is the section to pay very close attention to. (pg. 76)
All about correct nutrient ratios to use when Flowering marijuana and how exactly to feed your flowering plants. (pg. 76)
The one thing you should NEVER DO during Flowering to avoid a bitter taste and harsh smoke. (pg. 76)
Yellowing leaves might be a good sign, it could mean your plants are sapping stored “food” to assist in bud production. Or it could mean a nutrient deficiency. How to determine which one is affecting YOUR plant and what to do about it. (pg. 77)
7 different types of highly beneficial Flowering supplements and the different ways they affect your plant's end harvested buds. (pg. 77)
How to trigger flowering - 12/12 photoperiod made easy. (pg. 78)
Everything you'lll need to know about flowering supplements. Which ones to buy, and which ones are a complete waste of your cash and time. (pg. 78)
Can't wait any longer? How to safely speed up flowering so you can smoke your buds faster. The pros and cons discussed on (pg. 81).
How to force flowering. (pg. 81)
Complete week-by-week breakdown of EXACTLY what happens during every single stage of flowering – and what to do during each one. (pg. 82).
How to easily increase your buds taste and potency during flowering – (pg. 83).
Everything you need to know about seeds and flowering cannabis plants. (pg. 82)
Learn how long the total flowering cycle lasts. (pg. 83)
Get the facts. Figure out how to speed up flowering tremendously(with no repercussions!) - (pg. 83).
The #1 most critical element your marijuana plants MUST receive during flowering to ensure optimal internal chemical ratios. (If you screw this one up your plants will stress and turn into hermaphordites!) - and how to properly give it to them - (pg. 81).
And much MUCH more...

Chapter Three


Correct illumination of your marijuana plants throughout their entire life cycle is absolutely critical if you want to have an abundant harvest & your own highly potent seemingly bottomless bud supply to smoke. Learn virtually everything you need to know about grow lights when learning how to grow marijuana; everything from equipment selection, lighting schedules & photoperiods, light distance from your plants & exactly at which certain times you need to raise or lower it, etc. I've trimmed the fat, stripped the BS and given you exactly what you need most - pages and pages of pure easy-to-understand solid growing information.


Properly Lighting Your Marijuana

Find out what a complete light system includes, highlighting everything you will need to get started growing your own delicious potent crop right away! (pg. 85)
How to use lighting to enhance cellular-level plant growth(photosynthesis), which means bigger denser buds to enjoy. (pg. 86)
20 years of growing wisdom distilled down - learn the key marijuana lighting strategy. (pg. 86)

Lighting Basics

Cannabis, natural sunlight cycles, and indoor growing. (pg. 87)

The #1 most CRITICAL factor for determining the right light source for your garden – find out on pg. 87
Warm vs. cool light sources, and their effects on marijuana. (pg. 88)
Spectral energy distribution and color rendering index demystified – so you can get to what's important; growing big buds with a proper light source! (pg. 88)
Complete breakdown of different lighting color spectrums and how each affects cannabis throughout its different phases of growth. Learn this and you can start growing your very own plant tomorrow! (pg. 88)
And much MUCH more...

Light Sources

Which light emits the perfect spectrum for growing sparkling rich sticky big buds - (pg. 101)

WARNING: Improper handling of your bulb can become a huge safety risk (for example, if you touch a bulb the oil on your fingers when high temperatures are reached on the bulb surface it can EXPLODE sending glass shards through your eye or other delicate organs) – please be safe, I've outlined the proper safe way to handle your bulbs properly to guarantee a successful safe grow on pg. 102

Find out exactly how professional expert marijuana growers light their plants (and how you can mimick them) for wicked awesome buds. (pg. 103)
What type of light do you get? Figure out what's best for you depending on your individual budget and unique grow needs. (pg. 102)
And much MUCH more...

Flourescent Lighting

The pros and cons of flourescent ligthing when your goal is to grow some killer marijuana (pg. 91)
How to properly use flourescent lighting for exploding bud growth virtually overnight. (pg. 91)
The types of flourescent lights to NEVER buy for growing ganja. (pg. 92)
How to set up a flourescent lighting system, in-detail. (pg. 92)
What you need to know about Compact Flourescent Lighting. (pg. 94)
CFL wattage, optimal color temperature, and more. (pg. 94)
When to switch out your CFLs to ensure your plant gets the proper light-spectrum exposure. It couldn't be described any easier! (pg. 94)
How to use CFLsthe right way when growing marijuana. (pg. 95).
The PERFECT lighting positioning when using compact flourescent lights for maximum bud gains. (pg. 95)
And much MUCH more...


All about LED grow lights and growing marijuana. (pg. 95)
The benefits and disadvantages of LED lighting when growing cannabis plants. Get all the facts on pg. 96
Modern day LED growth light technology vs HID lighting. Find out which is better and why. (pg. 98)
And much MUCH more...

HID Lighting

HID lighting overview. (pg. 98)
All about Metal Halides. (pg. 99)
4 surprising benefits when using metal halide bulbs - (pg. 100).
All the guesswork taken out of combining multiple lights for optimum color spectrum exposure - exactly when to use MH lighting, and when exactly to use HPS during certain phases of marijuana plant growth CLEARLY explained. (pg. 99)
High Pressure sodium (HPS) lighting – everything you need to know. (pg. 101)
The average lifespan of a HPS bulb, EXACTLY how to tell when they will begin to draw less light and begin producing weak impotent crops. (pg. 101)
The most widely available but WORST kind of light bulb to use for pot growing. (pg. 102)
What's the ultimate light to use during flowering? Find out on pg. 101
The superior vegetative growth phase light to ensure HUGE frosty buds. (pg. 99)
The best lighting to use during germination and for delicate seedlings. (pg. 102)
Want to grow the best buds you possibly can? The most ideal the ultimate lighting setup to produce huge maximum yields & quality frosty buds revealed on pg. 103
Can you use a MH bulb in an HPS fixture? Find out on pg. 103
What your bulbs MUST be rated for them to even work! Don't waste your money on buying the wrong equipment. Find out exactly what you need before you buy - (pg. 103)
How to replace your bulbs properly to ensure they don't burn out right away. (pg. 106)
And much MUCH more...

Lighting Your Ganja

Ballast. What it is, why its important, and where to get a good one. (pg. 104)

How to hang your lights & set up your light reflector, step-by-step. (pg. 107)
Get what you need to know about bulb orientation and why its essential. (pg. 106)
All about Light Placement, including the exact distances to keep your plants from the lights and at what specific times during your plant's growth phase they need to be placed at these specific distances. Too close and they burn, dry out, shrivel up and die. Too far and they will stretch and grow thin fluffy weak buds. Setting the optimal light height has never been easier! Easily determine your plant's optimum light height throughout its entire life cycle by consulting the complete walkthrough on pg. 109
Your very own optimal marijuana lighting penetration range chart for easy accurate reference. (pg. 108)
What you must do IMMEDIATELY if your plants start to turn brown. (pg. 110)
All about bulb heat affecting your precious plants, and what to do about it. (pg. 111)
Secret veteran marijuana grower trick to greatly reduce your light bulb's heat emission so you can get your plants closer to their precious heavy harvest-producing light source. (No, it isn't ventilation...) (pg. 110)
The simple method for testing bulb temperature to see if it is negatively effecting your plants(no extra equipment required!) Learn how on pg. 111
The appropriate method to clean and maintain your lighting hoods and bulbs - (pg. 110)
More light means more bud. But the closer you move your plants to your buds, the more they heat up and burn. Find out the vital KEY to getting your light as close as you possibly can to your plant tops. Get ready for a growth surge! (pg. 111)
Uncover the expert grower's lamp height distances of choice for different wattages and bulb types. (After you apply this one, the buds you will be growing amy scare you!) – pg. 111
The peak optimum distance to start off your plants with - (pg. 111)
Many growers commonly face their delicate seedlings bending, wilting, and stretching. Why this happens, how to avoid it, and what to do about it right away - (pg. 112)
Precisely where to focus your light where your marijuana plants need it THE MOST (this is crucial). See inside for all the details. (pg. 113)
a secret illumination trick to produce the largest, most potent buds. (hint: it involves the 'shady' foliage areas. IAfter downloading the book, read and implement this right away and watch your growth instantly soar!) - pg. 113
Reflectors. The different types, sizes, and the best shape for growing cannabis. Know exactly what you'll need to buy before stepping foot in a grow shop. (pg. 114)
How to flawlessly clean your reflective hood to ensure maximum sustained light reflectivity. (pg. 114)
Two methods to ensure PEAK light efficiency for your marijuana plants. (pg. 114)
WARNING: Find out the types of light hoods to stay far away from that're available in EVERY grow shop. Many grow shop owners try to trick you into buying this expensive piece of junk but in reality it actually HINDERS your grow! Purchase with confidence - (pg. 115)
Know exactly what to look for when deciding to purchase an ideal light reflector hood for your ganja garden. (pg. 115)
How to match bulbs and ballasts for avoiding grow room disasters. (pg. 116)
All about operating voltages. (pg. 116)
Everything you've ever wanted to know about conversion bulbs. (pg. 117)
The ultimate guide to replacing your grow lamps. (pg. 118)
When to know exactly to replace your MH or HPS bulbs, get the sympons on pg. 118
Extremely useful bulb life span chart, feautring every popular marijuana-specific growing bulb type on the market today. Set the calender, forget about it, and grow worry free. (pg. 119)
And much MUCH more...

Lighting Timing Made Easy

Determine how many hours of light and darkness your plants need during their germination/seedling phase, vegetative growth phase, flowering, and more. (pg. 126)
Ditch the stress and confusion - the single BEST # of hours to keep your vegetative plants under light for peak performance growth - (pg. 127)
Lighting timers and your greens. (pg. 128)
How to set up and automate your grow light scheduling using a timer. (pg. 128)
Using the wrong timer or incoreectly setting it can be fatal. If your timer fails your grow fails. Here is the best most reliable lighting timer type to use for specifically growing marijuana and where to get one - (pg. 128)
And much MUCH more...

Wattage & More

Wattage and how it affects marijuana plants - (pg. 89)

Get the facts. How some grow light companies try to rip you off with bogus wattage claims and how you can know the truth. (pg. 92)

The number you MUST know if you plan on growing stealthy - when growing in the USA if more than this number of watts is used in your home it is the IMMEDIATE signal for a warranted investigation. Avoid a midnight raid - (pg. 89)
The peak time to replace your bulb to guarantee your plants get optimal light exposure year-round. (pg. 89)
Your faultless guide to understanding lumens and why they're essential to any serious grower. (pg. 90)
How to determine light coverage aka “how much light do my plants need ?” (pg. 90)
HID lumen output explained - (pg. 90)
How to determine any light's lumen-per-watt ratio, along with the simple formula and why & when you will want to use it. (pg. 90)
And much MUCH more...

Electricity Essentials

All about amps, and how to avoid blowing your house's circuit. (pg. 120)
WARNING: Electrical safety; including 22 ways to guarantee you never have to worry about coming home to find your home burned to the ground in ashes with police and firemen sifting through what appears to be marijuana plants grown in a certain someone's closet. (pg. 125)
How many lights you can safely run on a single standard house circuit – (pg. 120)
The cost to run the different leading marijuana lighting setups. All revealed on pg. 122
The uncomplicated way to convert watts to amps - (pg. 120)
Keeping a breaker cool, and wherther or not you need to stress about this. (pg. 120)
Electricity meters & what to specifically use one for when it comes to growing some dank greens. (pg. 121)
GFCI's – what they are, and when you might have to use one. (pg. 121)
Converting sockets, the thorough explanation. (pg. 121)

WARNING: Your monthly bill could send up a red flag to your electric company virtually overnight and have certain nosy people aggressively pounding on your door with a warrant in hand. What to do so you NEVER have to worry about this – even if you're running gargantuan lighting setups pulling massive amps.

Here are 14 powerful, easy to apply, extremely effective ways to send your wattage and electricity bill plummetting so low your electric company will think the house is vacant. (pg. 123)

And much MUCH more...

Chapter Four

Growing Great Marijuana

Ahh now comes the most exciting part! After you download the book and begin to read this section, your mind will begin to open up more and more to the incredible possibilites of growing and having your own superior dense sparkling sticky buds that will give you one wicked smoke with a sensational stoned feeling like you've never imagined possible before...

In this chapter I made it my supreme goal cut through the clutter, trim the fat, exclude the garbage, and present EXACTLY what's needed in order to thoroughly teach you how to grow your own potent crops - FAST! Each and every sentence of this extremely important section is jam-packed with solid up-to-date growing information. I'm confident you will learn something new in every single paragraph. I've also designed each critical piece of these fundamental growth elements in the most easy to follow along and easy to understand method possible. This chapter is filled with in-depth detail and fully illustrated step-by-step clear walkthroughs and guides. Let's grow!


Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Germination and marijuana, the quick-start comprehensive explanation. (pg. 130)
Learn precisely what to look for during cannabis germination to know you're doing it right. (pg. 130)
Out of 10 seeds, if you do everything correctly, how many on average will germinate? Find out on pg. 131
No more guesswork - find out the exact time(in days) when a healthy viable seed will sprout. (pg. 131)
How to clearly identify which types of newly developing plants to remove from your garden to prevent any future problems(including information on mold development, pest attraction, accidental pollination and other garden devastators) – (pg. 131)
The superb temperature for germinating healthy seeds – (pg. 131)
Seedbanks and germination rates, get the full scoop on pg. 133
Germinating marijuana seeds in soil - the foolproof system. (pg. 133)
Accurately determine exactly how deep to plant your seed for ganja excellence. (pg. 133)
The flawless guide to correctly lighting sprouts and delicate germinated seedlings to set the foundation for an incredible harvest - (pg. 134)
When EXACTLY the sprouted seed can be placed in a new growth environment to encourage maximum flourishing root and foliage development. (pg. 134)
Get the PERFECT way to water seedlings to ensure maximum growth success. (This old time favored grower trick is extremely effective and one of my personal tools I couldn't grow without) - the method exposed on pg. 134
Just how wet your growth medium needs to be. (pg. 134)
Air and its shocking effect on germinating seeds. (pg. 135)
And much MUCH more...

Germination Techniques

Properly germinating seeds is important. Failed germinated seeds means wasted cash and time. There's nothing worse than blowing $200 bucks on some incredible seeds only to find the majority of them failed to germinate because you overlooked one tiny detail. No worries - these reliable effective enhanced & modified up-to-date germination techniques have been time-tested and developed after years of experience(including my own personal failures and wasted time & effort) for ensuring maximum germination rates.

I wish I had this when I started out, would of saved me so much stress, dissapointment, wasted cash, & nearly pulling all my hair out =P.

Germination Method #1 – soaking. The benefits of this technique and materials needed. (pg. 136)
Soaking the right way, step-by-step. (pg. 136)
A powerful secret trick (not for everyone sorry, soil growers only) to increase germination rates so that you can feel totally confident doing it. (pg. 137)
How to AVOID accidentally rotting your seeds and causing oxygen deprivation - (pg. 137)
A powerful action step to take while your seeds are germinating to dramatically increase the likelihood that all your plants turn out to be female. (pg. 137)
Germination Method #2 – germinating in soil. Grab the benefits, the how-to, and exactly how long it will take. All revealed on pg. 138
A flawless 100% germination success rate method that works every time – (pg. 139)
Germination Method #3 – the paper-towel method; what to avoid, materials needed, and how to set it up for guaranteed seed sprouting. (pg. 140)
The paper towel method illustrated step-by-step. (pg 140)
WARNING: If the seeds are left to soak for too long, delicate micro-roots can be torn when the seeds are removed from the paper-towel, which will temporarily retard germination/growth as well as stress the plant(which could possibly result in an unfavorable male or dreaded hermaphrodite). Find out when exactly to remove your seedlings from their moist environment to avoid growth retardation. (pg. 141)
The most DANGEROUS thing to avoid that nearly all beginning growers do during their first germination. If you don't like wasting your precious purchased seeds than you do not want to skim past this section! (pg. 141)
Seeds germinate in a warm, moist environment. But so does mold and fungus. How to avoid mold and fungus, and how to completely and safely irradicate it IMMEDIATELY if it atttacks your precious marijuana seeds. (pg. 141)
Germination Method #4 – Germinating using the peat briquette method. Get the full disclosure now (pg. 142)
Follow along with the painless peat briquette germination method step-by-step. (pg. 142)
Germination Method #5 – germinating in rockwool. The complete success system revealed on (pg. 143)
Quick and easy how-to rockwool germination; get the easy step-by-step follow along procedure. (pg. 144)
Germination Method #6 - a secret method to get lightning fast germination and super high success rates used by elite marijuana cultivators everywhere. The best part? It's extremely easy to do! Fully exposed on (pg. 145)
Learn the secret germination method clearly illustrated step-by-step. (pg. 145)
Feeling adventurous? You'll love this highly advanced germination procedure walkthrough (for those looking for 100% success rates and amplifying early growth). Go get it right now and be growing your marijuana plants in minutes - (pg. 146)
How often and how to check on your germinating seeds without damagin them or hurting their germination success rate. (Boy did I screw this one up a lot when I first started learning... Who knew checking on your precious seeds out of concern could actually HURT them???) (pg. 147)
How to properly care for and maintain your germinating seeds during the critical first days. (pg. 147)
How to know when your seeds are ready to be transported to a new growth medium at the peak time to ensure the rest of your grow is vigorous and very generous. Know the exact symptoms to look for - (pg. 147)
How to drastically reduce seed transplant shock to remove the worry of accidentally killing off your delicate seeds. (pg. 147)
WARNING: Avoid the one most commonly overlooked newbie growing mistake when it comes to germinating cannabis. Find out the one thing to NEVER do that will destroy your delicate emerging seedlings quicker than forgetting to water them. Go grab your copy, open it up right away, and find out on immediately on (pg. 147)
The Top 10 Reasons Your Seeds Wont Germinate. This in-depth, comprehensive troubleshooting section has been called a cannabis seed “lifesaver multiple”. If you've got ANY problems during your marijuana plant's germination / seedling phase, simply turn to (pg. 150)
And much MUCH more...

Once Your Seed Sprouts

A NO-BS complete seedling description, and how you can tell when your plant is officially safe and growing strong, that way, you have a worry free grow and get to enjoy big sticky buds on your table sooner. (pg. 148)
Yellowing of seedling leaves almost always will afflict growers during their very first grow. Learn what this means and what exactly to do about it to easily remedy this, making sure you're well on your way to getting a successful green bounty. (pg. 149)
Want an amazing smoke? Discover the optimal lighting conditions for seedlings (including distance, type of light, and temperature) so you get to sidestep the #1 problem most new growers face - wilting and dying delicate seedlings. (pg. 149 and pg. 152)
Forget the confusion. Grab the perfect water amount seeds need. Too little and they will die. Too much and you will drown your roots or possibly rot them. Watering seedlings has never been easier by following this simple technique! (pg. 149)
Planting seedlings made simple. (pg 151)
Get ready to speed up your grow tremendously - find out the optimal growth temperature for newly developing seedlings, and why it means an explosive harvest. (pg. 151)
The easy trick for figuring out how to identify healthy seedlings and healthy roots early on. (pg. 151)
Learn the simple yet HIGHly effective way too transplant seedlings. Grab the complete how-to now on (pg. 152)
a powerful grower trick for seedlings to promote internal strengthening, massively affecting yields later on, which means you'll never have to buy bud again. (pg. 153)
If you like picking off dense glistening buds from your very own potent plant or two, than you'll love this extremely effective easy tactic for producing bushier, more productive plants. (pg. 153)
The simple proccess for when and how to fertilize seedlings properly. (pg. 153)
Know just what to look for in your seedlings so you have a flawless grow from seed to smoke - without the hassle and stress so many growers commonly face. (pg. 154)
Oftentimes newbie growers begin to stress and worry over purple stems, are they good or bad? Find out on pg. 155
Environmental factors begin influencing your plant's sex the moment the seedling has three pairs of true leaves. Learn the most effective ways of Increasing female plants from seeds, which garantees you an endless THC-rich bud supply. (pg. 155)
Get the 9 VITAL factors that most influence whether or not a seedling will turn into a potent budding female, or a pollen sack-covered useless male – and what to do to drastically increase the chance that you get a female, almost every single time. If having your own bottomless frosty bud supply appeals to you, then you'll love these 9 crucial components all the more. (pg. 156)
And much MUCH more...

Marijuana Plant Stress

Cannabis plants grow the fastest and produce the richest, heaviest harvest when they are given a stable optimal growth environment. Stressed marijuana plants produce much less than unstressed plants. Learn from over 20 years of grower experience all distilled down into this section so you DON'T have to encounter any of these frustrating problems. Learn what to do and what NOT to do for a speedy, painless problem-free grow.

Want to smoke laugh and relax? Get the clear examples of common plant stresses so your plants don't stress out, and neither will you. (pg.157)
The one CRITICAL factor that severely slows down marijuana plant growth during ANY phase. Know exactly what to avoid on pg. 157
Unfortunantely, many new growers improperly remove their plant's large green shade leaves, thinking that more light on lower plant vegetation means more growth. WRONG. There is a time and a place to remove these large fan leaves, and timing is critical. Learn when to do it, how it affects your plant, and why on (pg. 157)
The 9 Common Culprits of Slow Plant Growth. This in-depth troubleshooting section will help all growers who find themselves in the all too common frustrating scenario when their plants “dont seem to be doing anything”. Learn the 9 key factors that affect slow plant growth more than anything else. (pg. 158)
And much MUCH more...

Growing With Soil

For fruity, incredible tasting buds learn the in-depth benefits of growing with soil. (pg. 161)
Want big plants? All about containers. Discover the different kinds, choosing the right one, what color to use for explosive root growth, and how to size them properly. (pg. 162)
Container height and container size requirements made easy. (pg. 167)
How to get a male-to-female ratio of 20/80% in YOUR garden using this powerful technique. (pg. 164)
WARNING: which containers to AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Do not grow marijuana in these - EVER! (pg .165)
Get the facts - the stoner's way to sterilizing and disinfecting your containers properly to ensure a safe, healthy smoke. (pg. 165)
And much MUCH more...

All About Growing Mediums

The BEST type of soil to use when growing marijuana & why it will give you more buds than you can handle. (pg.166)
The three main factors to consider when buying soil. (pg. 167)
Find out which soil guarantees more flavor and taste for a sensational smoke (pg. 167)
The ideal soil temperature range to prevent pests, fungus, mold, insect problems, rotting roots and other nasties. Be prepared before you grow so you NEVER have to deal with this crap - (pg. 167).
Is backyard soil okay to use to grow your own ganja? Find out on pg. 171
All about soil texture. Get the facts on pg. 167
This simple trick for determining what to look for to quickly recognize a cheap soil from a quality one. (you'll know instantly) – pg. 167
The Soil Test. Learn this simple technique to determine optimum soil structure for unbelievable buds – pg. 168
Pros and cons of reusing soil when growing your own marijuana supply. (pg. 168)
Gettting buds that smell great and look delicious is easily accomplished by implementing soil amendments – what they are, how to determine if you need them, details for mixing them and the different types. (pg. 169)
Comprehensive soil amendment listing including 8 of the most widely used today, including EXACTLY how they affect your plants soil and cannabis growth so you know whether or not they are needed to suit your individual needs as a grower, that way you don't waste your money on junk you don't need for growing. (pg. 170)
Get the scoop(no pun intended) on soilless mixes. (pg. 171)
And much MUCH more...

Transplanting For Dummies

Once your plant becomes too big for its container, its growth becomes severely stunted due to the cramped root system. Changing to larger pots(transplanting) allows the root systems to grow very large inside the new container, supporting healthy flourishing vigorous plant growth and MASSIVE sticky frosty buds. I've designed this section to make this unnecessarily frustrating process as easy and flawless as can be.

When exactly to determine when your plant is ready to transplant. Know the perfect peak time to support a generous harvest. (pg. 172)
Learn all about the optimal environment for thriving roots, which means larger & faster growing plants – (pg. 173)
Discover the BEST time to transplant your plants to ensure they have a speedy recovery and snap out of 'recovery shock mode' right back to what matters most – growing sticky dank buds! (pg. 173)
WARNING: The most critical factor you must know when transplanting, doing ANYTHING other than this can result in stunted slow root growth which causes weak, impotent buds. (pg. 173)
Feeding transplanted cannabis made easy for growing buds that straight smack you upside the head. (pg. 173)
How to start seedlings from plastic cups. (pg. 173)
Soil container drainage holes prevent over-watering your plants which costs you time, nutrients, and can even kill your crop. Learnonce and for all exactly what matters about drainage holes so you know just what's needed. (pg. 173)
How to space your containers in your grow room correctly for quickly growing buds with a deep, dank smell. (pg. 165)
The absolute BEST time to transplant to guarantee your plants develop dense, healthy, vigorous root systems. (pg. 173)
a surefire method to GUARANTEE you only ever have to transplant once. No more unneccessary grow stress! Learn how on (pg. 174)
Transplanting step-by-step, the right way to do it revealed inside. (pg. 175)
The prime container for ensuring marijuana transplantation success. (pg. 175)
What your plant requires IMMEDIATELY after transplanting to prevent it from dying – (pg. 175)
Powerful techniques for maximizing root growth in soil containers for producing buds that are dusted with trichomes, every time. (pg. 175)
a secret veteran grower trick to ensure maximum oxygen and water filtration in your soil that explodes root growth and makes way for incredible flower development. Discover it now - (pg. 176)
Plant roots and oxygen. What you need to know about airration. Skip this section if you like smoking ditch marijuana for the rest of your life. (pg. 177)
And much MUCH more...

Soil Fertilizer Basics

Exactly which fertilizer to use during flowering, and which to use during vegetative growth. Feeding cannabis has never been made more simple! (pg. 177)
Learn all about “fortified” nutrients available in most local nurseries and whether or not your marijuana plants will thrive or shrivel up and die from using them. (pg. 177)
WARNING: Why you need to STAY AWAY from “time-released” fertilizers AT ALL COSTS – (pg. 178)
And much MUCH more...

Growing Organic Marijuana

All about growing organic, the clean natural chemical-free way Mother Nature intended. (pg. 179)
The amazing benefits of growing organic greens - (pg. 179)
Natural pesticide biocontrols for a safely smokeable healthy harvest. (pg. 179)
Chemical vs organic – the complete comparison. (pg. 180)
The pros and cons of using chemical nutrients(fertilizers) – (pg. 181)
The pros and cons of using organic nutrients(fertilizers) – (pg. 181)
And much MUCH more...

Nutrients Made Simple (AKA Feeding Your Plants!) - Doing it Right For a Guaranteed Great Smoke.

How to measure nutrient percentages and ratios and when to use them. (pg. 183)

Nitrogen. No BS – Learn all about it, how it affects your plants, and how much they need at what times. (pg. 182)
Figure out Phosphorus. (pg. 182)
Everything you must know about Potassium. (pg. 183)
All about micro nutrients, including a comprehensive listing. Important if you want to grow buds with a light, sweet, citrus-y smell that makes your mouth water. (pg. 184)
The most IMPORTANT micro nutrient which enhances resin production, & exactly when and how to add it. It couldn't be any simpler! (pg. 186)
Grab the fully loaded organic fertilizer bundled with NPK values - including exactly how much to use and when. (pg. 185)
WARNING: The #1 common newbie growing mistake that has traditionally been the BIGGEST culprit for killing plants when it comes to feeding them. Learn what NOT to do so you don't join the unfortunate unknowing sad souls – (pg. 185)
How to correctly feed your marijuana plant so you end up with amazing smokeable marijuana, not a dead smelly vegetative mess. Feeding has never been made clearer or as easy to understand. (pg. 186)
What exactly you'll need to buy for feeding your plants, and exactly how much for growing dense nugs packed with potency and flavor. (pg. 186)
The secret ingredient used to increase harvest yield and potency revealed - (pg. 186)
Worm castings. Learn all about why this peculiar substance is arguably the single most beneficial additive to any cannabis soil grow. (pg. 187)
Effortlessly save your money by making your own worm castings – the complete step-by-step guide on pg. 188
How to easily make worm casting tea, AKA “marijuana steroid water” - (pg. 191)
And much MUCH more...

Everything About Watering

The proper amount of water, learn this simple trick for determining exactly how much your plants need. (pg. 191)
Find out exactly when to water your marijuana plants for growing buds that come with a high that is outstanding – one that lasts long and doesn't make you feel groggy. (pg. 192)
WARNING: What you must do during the VERY FIRST TIME you water your plants to ensure successful watering sessions from that point on. (pg. 192)
Watering and light sources. What you need to know so you avoid FATAL MISTAKES(hint: if so much as a single DROP gets on a hot bulb it can explode and send glass shards in your eye) be safe for a successful pain-free grow - (pg. 193)
Uncover this powerful and extremely accurate trick to to determine when your plants need to be watered again. (pg. 193)
How to ensure water is distributed evenly to all your plant's roots. Follow this and you will be GUARANTEED to grow buds that are dusted with more crystals than any other strain you've come across yet. (pg. 193)
Many growers stress out over their drooping plant leaves. Does this mean they are under-watering or over-watering their cannabis? Learn the simple method to identify and know the exact differences of each. (pg. 193)
Did you know the exact water temperature you use to water your plants with can severely affect its growth?! Learn whether to use hot, warm, or icy cold water when watering your marijuana plants to produce buds with a long lasting high. (pg. 193)
All about chlorine in tap water and its effect on your marijuana plants. Is it safe? (this might surprise you!). (pg. 193)
The simple way to correctly water your plants. This common newbie grower mistake has caused more plants to suffer and produce weak little nugs than over-watering! Learn the solid technique on pg. 194
Learn all about the “lift the pot” method. (pg. 194)
Drooping plants and what to do if you want bud that is light and sticky to the touch.. (pg 194.)
If you want to grow elite marijuana than you need to supply one of the most important ingredients - elite water. Learn the hands down absolute BEST type of water to use when watering your ganja. (pg. 196)
The most common problems with tap water, and whether or not to use it if you want a smooth come down. (pg. 196)
All about reverse osmosis - (pg. 197)
Distilled water and why you might want to use it if you plan on growing highly sought-after nugs. (pg. 199)
All about dissolved solids and how they affect your plants nutrient uptake – (pg. 200)
Purified water. Get the facts. (pg. 199)
One works every time way to to make your water the correct temperature. (pg. 199)
And much MUCH more...

PH Made Easy

When learning how to grow marijuana pH can be one of the most tricky parts. the pH level will determine how well your plants are able to absorb nutrients and thrive. If the pH level is out of the optimal range, the growth rate of your plants will slow down or even stop entirely. Many growers stress out thinking regulating and monitoring their pH level is difficult, and I'm here to bring you hope. I've created this chapter to make it as easy to understand & follow as possible. When you get the right information at the right times(as I have designed this entire book to do for you), pH level monitoring and regulating becomes super easy!

All about ph – what it is, and how it can produce effects from your strain that are powerful and heavy. (pg. 200)
A works every time method for how to accurately and easily measure your marijuana plant's ph. (pg. 202)
Learn about ph meters. What to get, what to avoid wasting your money on, and where exactly to get them. (pg. 202)
Oftentimes adding nutrients can offset the ph level. Avoid this common grow frustration by simply consulting the plant nutrient ph chart to accurately determine just how much any given nutrient you add will offset it and how. (pg. 200)
All you need to know about controlling your ph level; how to raise it and how to lower it. (pg. 203)
Learn the optimal ph level you want your plants sitting at for growing all-star bud. (pg. 205 )
The easiest way to stabalize your ph every single time. (pg 204)
Going green? How to adjust ph with pure organic controls. (pg. 205)
Fertilizers and damaging ph levels – the complete rundown on pg. 205
And much MUCH more...

Chapter 6


Finally, hydroponically cultivating marijuana skillfully broken down in an easy to digest format. Hydroponic growing for the “average joe” has never been made easier! Simply put, growing marijuana hydroponically is method of growing cannabis plants without soil. The plants get fed by liquid fertilizers.

Each and every day the technology, quality and ease-of-use of these systems are increasing, and the prices are going down as more and more companies begin to specifically build hydroponic “start up kits” for the 420 community in mind.


Hydroponically Growing Marijuana

An in-depth look at Hydroponic benefits and disadvantages. (pg. 255)
Hydro vs Soil. (pg. 267)
Hydroponics made simple – compelte breakdown how it works to bring you up to speed quick. pg. 267-272
The top 12 reasons why you might want to use hydroponics. (pg. 269)
5 reasons why you might not want to never think twice about using hydroponics to grow your marijuana. (pg. 270)
WARNING: The MOST critical piece of information you MUST KNOW before even thinking twice about beginning to grow hydroponically (if you don't have this – your whole grow is ruined. Period.) (pg. 270)
Hydroponics and taste. What effects growing hydroponic marijuana has on your buds lingering taste after a smoke. Delicious and fruity or bitter and sour? Find out on pg. 271
And much MUCH more...

Choosing Your Hydroponic Grow System

There are so many options out there for growers who wish to grow their own awesome never ending bud supply, but which system is right for you? Maybe you have goals of being an industrial marijuana farmer and will need a massive 90 plant Aeroponic setup. Or maybe you're like most growers and just want to have a small little closet hydro system that pumps a few small awesome little plants out rapidly...

I've designed this part to show you all the latest hydroponic growing options availiable to marijuana growers today. Each description includes brilliantly illustrated images detailing the ins-and-outs of every popular system so you know EXACTLY what equipment to buy that suits your individual needs as a grower.

Final Considerations when choosing your hydroponic growing system, review these critical factors before you take the plunge. (pg. 286)

Passive vs active hydroponic systems, the exhaustive contrast for determining which one will produce those large crystals you love. (pg. 273)
The most popular commonly used hydroponic systems worldwide today including complete three dimensional “inside” diagrams and clear vivid illustrated photographic examples and detailed descriptions. (pg. 273)
Learn all about Flood & Drain / EBB & Flow on pg. 274
Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) - the complete overview. (pg. 276)
Discover Drip Irrigation systems aka “top Feed” on pg. 277
Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems, aka “the Bubbler”. The exhaustive description so you know EXACTLY what hydroponic system to get that's right for you and wil produce exactly the buds you really want. (pg. 277)
How to start seeds off in a DWC system. My easy method made available to growers finally revealed. Now growers who decide one day to use this system can reap the quick growth of this hydro system completely stress-free and without destroying all their precious expensive seeds. (pg. 291)
Learn about Automatic Hydroponic Pots & Manual Hydroponic Pots and see if they're right for you – (pg. 280)
Wick & Hempy buckets – The Complete Guide. (pg. 281)
Master Aeroponics. This beautifully illustrated breathtaking imagery accurately protrays EXACTLY how this system works and highlight the amazing benefits. You, too, will soon see why Aeroponic systems are the #1 choice of expert growers everywhere for cultivating the most famous cannabis strains in the modern era. (pg. 282)
Stealth and hydroponics, learn the powerful methods to grow 100% discretely. (pg. 284)
Reap the amazing benefits of aeroponics using this brand spanking new groundbreaking compact hydroponic technology. Nothing comes close, and you can get one for under $99! Finally having rock star nugs that carry a sweet smell, amazing taste, and dusted with frosty white crystals is finally at your fingertips. (pg. 286)
What grow euqipment is right for you to fit your needs as a grower? Find out on pg. 273
Discover the hands down single MOST important aspect of hydroponics that is critical for vigorous plant growth(aka dense heavy big resin-rich potent buds!) and what exactly to do about it. WARNING: Make sure you clear your calendar accordingly after burning the strains you'll be growing - and be sure to plan something to do that doesn't require a lot of movement and/or thought. (pg. 287)
Everything you've ever wanted to know about lighting and hydroponics. All revealed for growing bud that gets you lifted quickly and heavily. (pg. 288)
All about grow mediums. What they are and Complete descriptions Including rockwool, hydroton, soil, perlite, vermiculite, coconut fiber and more... Figure out once and for all EXACTLY which medium fits your individual needs as a grower to grow your top-calibre cannabis in - (pg. 295)
And much MUCH more...

Hydroponic Nutrients

Proper hydroponic nutrient use is arguably the most important aspect of your entire setup if you want to grow bud that smokes as good as it looks. Your nutrient choice and mix will determine whether your plant will shrivel up and die in a couple hours, grow, grow big, or grow very very big. This section takes out all the guesswork when it comes to hydroponic system nutrients.

This section is LOADED with step-by-step guides where I will take you by the hand and teach you how to properly feed your plants, at what times, how to mix and prepare your nutrient solution, how to maintain a reservoir, and so much more...

NPK, Hydroponic Marijuana, and top-quality herb. Get the facts. (pg. 296)
What happens if you overfeed your hydroponic plants, and what happens when you underfeed them. Learn to recognize the KEY differences. (pg. 296)
The best ratios for hydroponic 3-part and why its important. (pg. 297)
Learn my 1-2-3 easy recipe for learning how to properly feed your plants during their vegetative, flowering, and late-flowering stages. Learn to grow like a pro - (pg. 297)
WARNING: What you need to do EVERY SINGLE TIME before dissolving nutrients in your reservoir for growing buds with a taste that is divine and very sweet. (pg. 297)
And much MUCH more...

TDS, PPM, & EC for The Ganja Grower, Not The Scientist

All about Electric Conductivity(EC). Stripping out the BS and giving you exactly what you need to know so you don't grow confused, but instead grow some killer marijuana. (pg. 298)
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and Parts Per Million(PPM) made simple. Why you need to know about these, and what you need to know to ensure a successful easy quick yielding heavy grow. (pg. 299)
PPM and EC measurements demystified. (pg. 299)
Everything you've ever wanted to know about conversions involving TDS, PPM, and EC. All revealed on pg. 300.
How to measure TDS using meters – including EXACTLY what to look for so you can grow bud with a deep, dank smell that's sticky-dusted with crystals. (pg. 300)
Calculating conversion factor made stoner-friendly. (pg. 302)
Do organic growers need to even worry about EC Meters? Find out why you might be able to dodge unneccessary stresss and confusion on pg. 302.
Completely clear EC conversion factor chart. (pg. 303 – 304)
All about combo meters. (pg. 304)
How to tell if your PPM/EC is too high or too low so you don't accidentally grow buds that leave everyone with a disappointed feeling that the high could be stronger. (pg. 308)
Figuring out the PPM of your fertilizer using this simple step-by-step approach. (pg. 310)
And much MUCH more...

NPK Strengths in Hydroponics - The Easy-To-Understand Guide

Approximate tolerance range of TOTAL PPMs in soil/medium. (pg. 305)

Approximate tolerance range Hydroponic Nutrients TDS/EC. (pg. 305)
PPMS for each growth phase. Want to know when and what to feed your plants in the exact amounts at the exact times needed? This simple to follow completely outlined guide will you. It's so simple a child could do it! I stripped all the BS out of the proccess and give you exactly what you need to follow so you can get to what matters most – dense, extra sticky bud with unique scent, taste, and mental & physical effects. Download the book, be reading it in minutes and learn how - (pg. 306)
WARNING: What you MUST feed your plant during seedling for avoiding buds with a disgusting weak taste. (pg. 306)
Vegetative/preflowering. Grab the info now so you know how to grow marijuana; a strain that is everything you look for in elite marijuana. (pg. 307)
Flowering feeding for rock star buds. (pg. 307)
Harvesting/flushing and for buds with a great high that smell & taste delicious – feeding your hydroponically growing marijuana plants couldn't be made any simpler! (pg. 308)
When to add more nutrients? (pg. 309)
And much MUCH more...

Nutrient Solution Made Simple

Want to grow your own supply of buds that give a high that is outstanding & long lasting that doesn't make you feel groggy? Check out the hydroponic nutrient solutions overview on (pg. 311)
Dry vs Wet nutrients, which one to use for growing divine marijuana and WHY. (pg. 311)
Mixing nutrient solution properly to ensure maximum plant uptake resulting in jaw-dropping yields. Find out how on (pg. 312)
All about nutrient packs, what to buy, how much, and how to use it for growing bud that'll get you medicated very quickly and effectively. (pg. 312)
Example nutrient solutions to get you started right away mixing your own quickly. (pg. 313)
Example feeding strategy so you learn EXACTLY what to do when feeding your plants for high-end marijuana. (pg. 314)
And much MUCH more...

Hydroponic System Water

Why many growers stress out and why you won't have to - all about trickling water – (pg. 316)
Water quality is critical for growing nugs with a light, sweet, smell that makes your mouth water that's PACKED with flavor and potency. Learn everything you need to know about keeping a good water flow to ensure your plants stay growing and you stay smoking your own private abundant high-quality supply! (pg. 317)
WARNING: The CRITICAL thing you MUST DO when growing hydroponically to avoid root damage and for growing buds with a smell that is fresh and fruity &really wakes you up... (pg. 317)
Busy with life? What to do if you're not able to tend to your garden every single day. Find out on (pg. 317)
Many growers one day get the unpleasent surprise to suddenly find green slime growing all over their hydroponic system, ruining their crop. Sidestep this disaster by knowing EXACTLY how to prevent this nasty green putrid algae from forming. And if the worst does happen to you, know how to effectively and safely combat it to rid it forever – without damaging the quality or healthiness of your end buds in any way, shape, or form. Be armed & ready - (pg. 317)
What to do IMMEDIATELY if you discover even the slightest amount of green slime forming on your rockwool cubes. (pg. 318)
Mixing nutrients properly, know exactly what to do in a CLEARLY ILLUSTRATED fashion. So easy even school children could follow along. (pg. 319)
Everything you'regoing to need to know about solution strength, why it matters, and what to do about it for buds so good they get your heart pounding. (pg. 319)
Powerful hydroponic nutrient tips that guarantee a quick flawless flower and heavy rich harvest. If you like bomb kush then you'll LOVE this. (pg. 320)
And much MUCH more...

Hydroponic System Maintenence The Easy Way

The two most influential factors essential for growing healthy hydro marijuana that makes you so excited to get home and spark up a bowl. (pg. 321)
All about reservoir PH level. (pg. 321)
WARNING: What to NEVER do with PH UP or PH DOWN that can result in disaster! This stuff needs to be handled with care if you want to enjoy straight dank. (pg. 322)
The best ph level to maintain in any hydroponic garden for a wicked smoke. (pg. 322)
How to raise and lower PH when growing hydroponic marijuana. (pg. 323)
Expert pH adjustment tips. You can either learn these the hard way from making your own mistakes, or take the easy way out and just read these. (pg. 323)
PH nutrient availabiltiy chart for growing hydroponics. Essential for growing "buds so good you'll wish you could LIVE in them." (pg. 325)
Discover the optimum temperature for hydroponic solutions. You couldn't be any happier or higher. (pg. 325)
Simple tricks to maintain your reservoir temperature, allowing your roots to draw nutrients “easier” resulting in eye-popping results, guaranteed. (pg. 326)
Cold weather, it's awful effect on your hydroponically grown marijuana, and exactly what to do about it. (pg. 326)
Monitoring and maintaining your recycling system for bangin' buds. (pg. 327)
Changing out your solution, the easy stoner-friendly guide - (pg. 328)
Why your roots growing long is very very bad, and what to immediately so you don't waste a single THC crystal. (pg. 329)
Learn how to properly trim roots in a hydroponic system to help with bud growth, not severely stunt it.Be careful, this is a delicate process! Grab the steps now on pg. 329
Why you must change out your nutrient solution for some bomb kush and how it affects your overall grow quality. (pg. 330)
Keeping your reservoir cool is important for a stone that ignites you to blissful fire. Learn all the ins and outs on pg. 331
The perfect conditions for optimum root growth, resulting in quick maturing crops, which means you'll get to smoke faster than you ever thought possible before, ANY time you feel like it. Worry free - get all the facts on pg. 331
14 easy ways to keep your reservoir cool. (pg. 332)
Mixing your nutrient solution step-by-step, the stoner-friendly guide. (pg. 336)
After 20+ years of growers experience have distilled my greatest nutrient solution mixing tips down into one section. Read them all and save thousands of hours of wasted time and cash - (pg. 337)
Nutritient Lockout – what it is, why it'll make your buds taste like ass, and how to avoid this disaster. (pg. 338)
I've included your very own HIGHly useful daily & weekly print-able hydroponic system maintenance checklist. Growing your own potent marijuana couldn't be made any simpler! (pg. 339)
And much MUCH more...

Sterilizing And Disinfecting Your System

Keeping your hydroponic system cleans ensures you don't ever have to worry about molds, disease, fungus, weak plants, root rot, and other grower frustrations.

How to properly disinfect and clean your hydroponic garden, including a fully detailed easy to follow step-by-step guide. (pg. 333)
Cleaning your system done RIGHT, get the essential tips. (pg. 334)
System design considerations for healthy vigorous marijuana plant growth. (pg. 335)
And much MUCH more...

Chapter 7


Cloning is extremely popular nowadays and many growers are taking advantage of it for good reason. Simply stated, the process is when marijuana plant branches/growth tips are cut off from chosen parent plants(with choice favorable characteristics) and stuck in a grow medium to form roots and eventually grow into a full-size healthy bud-bearing plant. This means you won't have to constantly buy seeds of your favorite strains!

Imagine being able to smoke as much as you want of your favorite elite strains. Your very own abundant botomless top-quality free marijuana supply is easy to do with cloning!

Cloning is one of the essential skills any aspiring ganja gardener must master and it doesn't have to be stressful like so many first time growers make it out to be! Recognizing its' extreme importance for producing LOTS and LOTS of nugs that smell great, look delicious, and come as potently perfect as can be; I have organized this section to take you step-by-step and show you exactly what you need to know to grow like a pro - and fast! No stone will be left unturned.


Cloning Introduction

Cloning offers growers many benefits. For one it allows them to have a constant supply of female plants - by using clones, a grower has a healthy, steady bottomless fresh supply of female-only plants. A clone is an exact genetic duplicate of its parent. So you can use your most vigorous and potent plants to use as mothers, and every clone you take from it will be vigorous and potent as well. Taste, aroma, frosty crystal covering? Yup! That carries over too. Clones will always keep the same sex, vigor, and characteristics of the parent plant.

It is also possible to create a garden of plants that will last for decades through cloning from a single female mother plant. Cloning has the added benefit of reducing the time it takes for a plant to mature. Clones can flower as soon they reach 12 inches, so cloning can shorten the total growing time to only 10 days!

Why cloning might not be right for you and might HURT your growing goals – (pg. 208)
The benefits of cloning – (pg. 209)
Starting from seeds VS clones (pg. 211)
The advantages of starting with clones – (pg. 213)
The disadvantages of starting with clones – (pg. 214)
The advantages of starting with seeds – (pg. 215)
The disadvantages of starting with seeds – (pg. 215)
Uniformity when cloning for the true strain connoisseur! – (pg. 209)
How to avoid a “genetic drift” by improperly taking cuttings... this can screw up your clones for generations to come and ruin yours and everybody else's high! (pg. 210)
Learn all about “bonsai mothers” and how they can produce some clones with divine nugs for you...indefinitely. (pg. 216)
How to “make” a clone and grow it to ensure you'll be growing buds with a sweet smell, amazing taste, many large hairs & great colors for months to come. (pg. 216)
Making the Ultimate Mother. Get the crucial facts - (pg. 216)
After years of trial & error I have determined the the top expert choice environmental growth conditions and feeding strategies for your mother plant(the plant you'll be taking clones from, remember?!) to guarantee she pumps out some awesome little vigorous quick-maturing clones for you. Get them all now on pg. 217
Selecting the best mom, learn the critical selection criterion if you want sensational strains. (pg. 217)
Grow the best strains around. Avoid these issues with taking clones from a plant while its flowering. (pg. 218)
Cuttings(aka clones) and when exactly to take cuttings for peak performance? Go and turn to pg. 218
How many clones to take at a time for end bud that smells great & looks delicious. (pg. 218)
All about perpetual harvesting and getting it going like clockwork to support an infinite harvest that'll leave you sitting at school or work excited because you can't wait to get home and spark up a bowl of your incredible secret stash. (pg. 219)
Hydroponic clones vs soil - get the key differences and for growing bud with an exceptional taste that is divine, every time. (pg. 220)
And much MUCH more...

Cloning Technique

Learn the 5 critical preparations before beginning cloning to ensure a painless time. (pg. 22)
The complete guide for taking cuttings using rockwool, clearly illustrated step-by-step Please refer to pg. 221
Selecting the right clones fo growing buds with a buzz that is powerful and energetic. (pg. 224)
Where EXACTLY to cut your clones so they will be sure to grow buds with deep, dank smell & sticky-dusted with crystals. (pg. 224)
Trimmed clone example (so you have a clear comparison of your cutting success). (pg. 227)
Planting the clone step-by-step. (pg. 228)
Hands dowm the single BEST way to take a clone to ensure it doesnt immediately die. (so many new grower make this mistake it's not even funny!) (pg. 228)
Daily clone maintenance to ensure vigorous thriving plant growth that will leave you with tasty potent buds. This is no joke - if you use these techniques the buds you'll be producing will knock you on your ass! (pg. 230)
Properly checking your cutting roots to avoid first time grow disasters. (pg. 231)
Best nutrients to use when starting clones. Buds grown using these will provide you with a long-lasting high with absolutely zero comedown. Learn how now on (pg. 232)
When to place your delicate cutting under light, and at what intensity for growing some strong bud. (pg. 232)
How long a clone will take to grow a strong healthy root system and be ready to be safely transplanted. Sidestep the sorrow and pain many cloning newbies make. Know before 'ya grow. (pg. 232)
My foolproof 10 CRUCIAL cloning tips to ensure maximum ganja success. Follow these ten simple tips that took 20 years to put together and cloning will be smooth sailing for you (so you can grow amazing buds effortlessly – (pg. 233)
The complete standard cloning method step-by-step. (pg. 234)
WARNING: What you must do IMMEDIATELY if your clones show any signs of wilt. Avoid tiny crumbling weak nugs with a cruddy taste. Know before you grow. (pg. 235)
Creating an optimal clone environment for bangin' buds. (pg. 236)
Cloning in perlite / vermiculite, step-by-step. (pg. 236)
Made for the lazy stoner in mind... the simplest high success cloning method in existence today; fully illustrated and step-by-step on pg. 237
WARNING: You can delay your clones root development if you water right away, learn when EXACTLY when to begin to water them for bud that'll blow you out of your mind. (pg. 242)
How to build an incredibly effective humidity dome to ensure a highly supportitvie growth environment for under $2-$3. Your buds growth rate will SKYROCKET, which mean you'll get to smoke sooner. (pg. 242)
And much MUCH more...

Transplanting Clones

Transplanting clones overview, pg. 257
When to know when to place them under an HID – pg. 257
What readily-available vitamin to use to ensure your clone success rate soars (pg. 246)
Transplanting clones step-by-step, the complete easy to understand guide. (pg. 246)
Rooting hormone, when to use it, why to use one, and how to apply it to greatly speed up your clones cellular-level processes(resulting in hastened growth). (pg. 248)
Learn my very powerful secret expert grower trick to speed up cloned root growth so quickly you'll swear you are watching time-lapse photography. Inside discover the two variations and step-by-step instructions for reaping the frosty white rewards of both of these powerful techniques. (pg. 249)
All about cloning devices & how they affect your grow; including humidity domes, 2 liter bottles, bubblers, and wick cloners. (pg. 250)
And much MUCH more...

After Cutting Care

After you take your cutting and safely pack it into its new growing medium home, the work isn't done! This is the most delicate part of a clone's life – this is the critical stage that determines the health and vigor of your awesome little developing plant.

Clones wilting? Leaves turning yellow? They simply fall over and die refusing to root? Stems turning purple? Having any other trouble Cloning? No worries - you don't need to go buy an additional plant symptom thick technical grow book. I've created a simple solution for you; this in-depth trouble shooting section is your complete GO-TO guide for virtually ANY problem you may encounter while cloning your marijuana. Order & download the book now and be reading it in minutes! (pg. 263)
Exactly how long will your clones take to root? Find out now. (pg. 253)
The Clone Test. Use my simple test to see if your clones have started to root or not - WITHOUT accidentally ruining their potential to produce buds that make your mouth water and your fingers uneasy looking for something to roll. (pg. 253)
How misting can actually HARM your plants. Learn why and how to do it right. (pg. 254)
Everything you have ever wanted to know about clone lighting for growing nugs doused with crystals. (pg. 254)
Learn the correct amount of lighting to place your clones under to ensure the FASTEST rooting times. From seed to smoke has never been quicker! (pg. 254)
Optimal light distance for freshly clones plants to enhance growth and avoid any painful stress-inducing first time grower problems. (pg. 255)
The importance of cloning feeding for quickly producing buds with copious amounts of crystals. (pg. 255)
Discover the KEY nutrients delicate clones require to THRIVE. (pg. 255)
The peak time to begin feeding your freshly taken cuttings. (pg. 255)
My expert grower's SECRET KEY to getting a 100% consistent clone survival rate. Save yourself the years of wasted effort and attempts at getting it right. (pg. 255)
Grab the perfect starter for cuttings, and why you'l want to use it if you have an incredible smoke on your to-do list. (pg. 255)
The optimal temperature to avoid clones from falling over and just dying – never rooting. Avoid running out of greens! Consult pg. 256
Cloning and ph level. Learn the most accurate up-to-date information to guarantee a hassle-free clone. (pg. 256)
All about watering clones, how to do it, at what times, how much, how to tell when they need it, and so much more...(pg. 256)
humidty and your clones. What optimal range to keep them in, and HOW for growing buds PACKED with flavor and potency. (pg. 259)
Heating clones, the methods and the why. (pg. 261)
All about stomata – biology put in laymans terms so you get what matters most - crisp, dense, sparkling THC rich incredible smelling & tasting nugs; NOT a degree in biological science. That's boring. Learn only exactly what you need to ensure high-grade bud and a high-grade smoke. (pg. 260)
Reducing cutting stress for elite ganja growing. (pg. 262)
What if you're not ready to plant your clone right away? No worries, learn the correct way to preserve clones in the refrigerator, finally the confusion is over – learn how to do it right the first time so not a single plant will be wasted. (pg. 262)
A few more additional methods of properly preserving your clones long-term. (pg. 262)
And much MUCH more...

Chapter 8

Your Grow Area

Setting up an optimal growth environment for your cannabis is crucial for quickly reaping a big potent bud harvest. Your plant's healthy productive growth cycle is a direct result of the quality and care put into setting up your grow area, so take your time! If you're serious about growing and you follow this section in exactly the way I've laid it out for you - I am 100% confident you will be well on your way to having some amazing great tasting bud with distinct, pungent smell that says, "Hope you've got nothing planned buddy."

Whether you are forunate enough to have an entire room dedicated to growing, only have room to grow in a small cabinet or drawer, or want to learn how to build the best closet grow space you can - this section has got it all. Loaded with step-by-step guides, tips & tricks, vibrant illustrations, walkthroughs, equipment advice, and so much more.

Get inside the mind of an expert grower to learn how to set up the best individual grow space for YOU for some elite bud that looks killer.


Your Grow Room

Grow Room Essentials - (pg. 341)
WARNING: Where to NEVER grow cannabis to avoid getting caught. (Many new growers actually think this is a safe place to grow their marijiuana!) pg. 342
Choosing your grow location, the 7 CRUCIAL elements required to get a long-term satisfying grow and sensational stone-inducing smoke, every time. (pg. 342)
How to construct a CHAMPION grow room that even an profesional ganja grower would be jealous of. (pg. 342)
All about light movers and growing marijuana. (pg. 343)
Two grow rooms for rapid maturing plants and an endless bud supply. Learn how to build one on pg. 344
a nifty little trick when setting up any kind of wall or floor material that helps out plant growth and reduces stress levels. (pg. 345)
And much MUCH more...

Setting Up Your Very Own Grow Room

WARNING: The FIRST extremely important action step you MUST take before you even start to think about preparing your indoor growing area... that is, if you want to produce buds with a soaring euphoric high and great taste. (pg. 346)
Setting up a Closet grow space step-by-step. It's never been easier to get started growing your own dense, extra sticky buds right in your own closet right away! Follow the complete guide on pg. 359
Expert advice on how to make your grow room completely discrete & undetectable so you never get abruptly discovered. (pg. 346)
WARNING: How to enter your garden. YOU MUST DO THIS EVERYTIME to avoid tracking in outside pests and micro germs... including the dreaded spider mites. (pg. 349)
Setting up your flooring step by step for optimal light reflectivity and ultimate sanitation to enable you a quick and easy flawless grow. From seed to smoke has never been made easier! (pg. 349)
Optimal reflective surfaces on walls and ceilings. Maximum light focused on your plants using these top choices means you're the brand new owner of buds that make everyone envious. (pg. 350)
A surefire method for how to guarantee your plants get as much light focused on them as much as possible that works every time. (pg. 351)
Hands down the best material for reflecting light on cannabis plants, and where exactly to get it. (pg. 351)
WARNING: Why NEVER to use mirrors or tin foil for reflecting light. Avoid brittle, crumbling tiny weak buds by following this sound advice - (pg. 351)
Choosing a reflective surface – including the features, cost, benefits, and where to get each of the most popular options available to growers to day cheap. A comprehensive listing of 10 different best choices so you can quickly decide what's best for your unique grow setup. (pg. 352)
How to set up a watering unit in your grow room, the complete guide. (pg. 358)
Cleaning your grow room step-by-step. Everything you will need to know to properly clean your grow room to ensure no molds or fungus, germs, or any pests feast and destroy your precious marijuana plants. (pg. 347)
One powerful simple cheap trick to keep your water airrated 24/7, exploding root growth and making your marijuana plants very happy and quick-maturing. (pg. 358)
Find out where and how to get the most needed materials for setting up any top-caliber bud-producing grow room for growing marijuana. (pg. 358)
Thinking about growing in a cabinet? You'll love my easy illustrated step-by-step guide showing you EXACTLY how to set one up for maximum bud production in such a confined space. It can accommodate up to 5 plants at a time, and is super stealthy. Imagine what you'll do with all that extra high grade bud! (pg. 360)
All about stealth growing marijuana. For those growers who need to keep it discrete when growing marijuana. Finally, options for those growers who feel that lack of privacy is the only thing keeping them from harvesting pounds of their favorite greens - including the famous “PC Grow Box” and how to grow marijuana inside of a stereo speaker! (pg. 362-363)
Carbon filtration is great to set up inside a grow room to completely eliminate odor detection on the outside. But these commercially available systems are pricy (sometimes upwards of $500!) I've put together a fully illustrated step-by-step guide showing you precisely how to make your own equally effective carbon filter, using simple household items you can probably purchase for under $20. (pg. 365)
All about controlling grow room envrionement with a thermostat, why you might need one and the superior benefits it will provide for your cannabis. (pg. 312)
Squirrel fans demystified. (pg. 373)
Exactly how much ventilation is needed in your grow room to pump out that hot, stale air? I'll show you how to calculate this using this simple formula. (pg. 373)
7 different extremely effective options for optimal grow room ventilation, including an accurate clear illustrative diagram. (pg. 375)
The Complete Fan Sizing Guide. How to determine which fan is right for your grow room. (pg. 375)
Growing in a secret corner of the house? No worries, here's an option to get ventilation to your grow room. (pg. 375)
And much MUCH more...

Environmental Conditions for Explosive Growth

In order to ensure the highest possible quality smoke you must keep your cannabis in the environment it loves the most. Learn the critical elements to produce a long lasting high, fruity fresh taste, and aroma that makes you want to close your eyes from one deep sniff.

Oxygen. Why and when plants need it depending on the phase of growth they're in, and what you need to know to reap a MASSIVE harvest. (pg. 371)
Just what you'll need to know about air ventilation. (pg. 371)
How much each average light increases the overall grow room temperature, and how it can shrivel up and dry out your plants FAST. This may shock you! (pg. 371)
How to easily set up a ceiling exhaust fan to keep your grow room cool. (pg. 371)
How to effortlessly control your grow room temperature levels so your plants practically grow themselves. (pg. 312)
The most effective ways to expell hot, stale air from your grow room and keep it pumping with fresh clean air for guaranteeing unbelievable bud growth. WARNING: your house may get broken into if anyone sees you in possession of the incredible buds you'll be growing. No worries, consult the Marijuana Security Blackbook for COMPLETE growing secrecy and protection. (pg. 372)
How to position an oscillating fan to ensure maximum air circulation in your grow room. (pg. 372)
When and how to use two fans to strengthen stems and surprise your friends with your newfound heavy sparkling resin rich nugs. (pg. 372)
Temperature is important. Learn the ins and outs of optimal grow room temperature, and discover why it makes the difference between swag and rock star buds. (pg. 376)
The absolute BEST temperature range marijuan thrives vigorously in daytime and night. Let this slip and you're hurting your bud production severely! (I'll show you a foolproof trick to easily maintain this range you will be amazed at the kinds of monstrous bud you're gonna grow) - (pg. 376)
Grow room too hot? Too cold? Learn these little tricks for easily raising and lowering temperatures for optimal environmental stability and flourishing marijuana growth.
Don't spend 10 years like I did figuring this one out - learn this simple easy trick to stimulate flowering hormones and reduce stem elongation. (pg. 377)
The section is finally available to you today and totally complete! Grow room humidity for dummies. Learn everything you need to know, including why low humidity is a plant killer and what effects raising it too high will have on your precious plants. (pg. 377)
WARNING: How to easily & cheaply increase humidity in any grow room, and how doing so effectively will severely decrease your chances of a mold attack wiping out your ENTIRE garden! (I learned this one the hard way - so you don't have to.) (pg. 379)
3 effective ways to lower humidity in any grow room FAST. (pg. 379)
How to accurately measure grow room humidity. (pg. 380)
And much MUCH more...

Grow Room Checklists

When teaching growers in the past, I noticed a lot of them became stressed out with all this "grow room maintenence" they had to do. Maintiaining your grow room doesn't have to feel like a chore, nor should it EVER be stressful.

My personal philosophy is that every part of growing marijuana should be exciting and fun - and that's exactly how I've written this easy to follow book.

To remedy the percieved burden of having to "take care" of your grow room I've created a solution for those of us who are busy and on the run who still wish to reap MASSIVE amoutns of their own bud supply that smokes as good as it looks. Introducing your very own grow room checklists.

Even if you are the busiest person on the planet, I am confident I have created a system so simple that works even if you only have less than 10 minutes a day to dedicate to your garden. All you need to do is download the book, print these out, then each day run through the list from top to bottom. Maintaining a great garden coudln't be made any easier or practical! Your marijuana plants will practically grow themselves - you'll be smoking the best strains of your life sooner than you think.

Daily Grow Room Checklist (pg. 382-383)
Weekly Grow Room Checklist (pg 384)
Your Monthly Grow Room Checklist (pg. 384)

Advanced Grow Setups

After you master the basics of growing marijuana(and this will happen soon with my specifically-designed guide to bring you 'up to speed' as fast as humanly possible), many growers feel the need to toy around with and experiment with more advanced grow setups to improve their bud growth beyond their wildest dreams and bring their nugs to even HIGHer soaring heights.

Setting up a Complete SCROG cabinet – the full step-by-step walkthrough guide encompassing virtually EVERYTHING you need to know to set up a wicked mean “elite marijuana factory” to produce ounces and ounces of rich quality bud each and every month indefinitely in a super confined secret space. Learn exactly how in an easy to follow along manner. Get it now on pg. 414.

Sea of Green made simple – The Complete Illustrated Guide. What is it? How do we do it? Why do it? How many plants are needed / best? How do I space out my plants? All your urgent questions thoroughly answered... (pg. 386)
The two BEST strains you have GOT TO try for growing an incredible Sea of Green, and exactly where to get them. Expert recommended – you will not be disappointed by the awesome results you're gonna get with these wicked strains. (pg. 409)
Screen of Green – The Complete Illustrated Guide. Now you too can learn how to grow incredibly big top colas for a densely packed heavy harvest featuring long hairs peppered in with glistening crystals all done in a TINY grow space. Grab all the details along with a step-by-step clearly illustrated guide as I take you by the hand and turn you from newbie to seasoned pro in RECORD TIME. (pg. 392)
How much will a typical SCROG produce for me in yields? It's shockingly wonderful. Find out ow much extra marijuana you're gonna have in the very near future. (pg. 412)
All about top colas. Why bigger is better, and what the heck is a cola? (no, not the sugary drink) - (pg. 387)
SCROGGING and Hydroponics, the full walkthrough. No stone left unturned in this accurate, informative guide. (pg. 398)
Notes on SCROG growing. Get inside the mind of an expert and learn what really matters during your very first SCROG grow and how to produce lots of bud that smells great and looks absolutely delicious. (pg. 399)
Overcrowding is the most frustrating part for any compact SCROG grower. I've bundled inside the 6 BEST ways to remedy any overcrowding issues that will most likely occur in your awesome little greens garden. (pg. 401)
Lighting Sources and SCROG, everything you need to know. I've trimmed the fat, this section is packed full of useful grow advice – not a bunch of incessent babbling. Get it all tonight on pg. 402
SCROG advantages for growing with larger lights - (pg. 403)
The poor disadvantages of using SCROG for bigger lighting systems. (pg. 403)
SCROGGING screen control, branch development, weight, shape, and plant height specificities. Learn just what you need to know so you can start smoking those incredibly potent yields from those dense sparkling heavy 2L coke bottle top colas – FAST! (pg. 403)
Pre-training for SCROG. All about it and step-by-step HOW to do it, and do it RIGHT the first time for a flawless production of deep, dank smell. sticky-dusted with crystals. So easy even an 80 year old grandma can do it the 1st time! (pg. 404)

The #1 highest yielding incredible strain that's PERFECT for use with any ScROG grow. (pg. 394)

Hydroponic Sea of Green setup, the complete illustrated step-by-step guide including equipment, setting it up, running your system, and muchhh more. (pg. 406)
VSCROG revealed. Pictures, how to, and what it is and ISN'T. (pg. 409)
All about BOX OF GREEN(BOG) and why this advanced grow setup will produce big rich colorful buds that're sure to make and keep you satisfied. (pg. 410)
The quickest and most successful approach to train a BOG grow for bud that is light and sticky to the touch. (pg. 411)
Two VERY powerful BOG methods. (pg. 411)
How to spiral train your cannabis for bud that gets you lifted quickly and heavily. See pg. 411
Jungle of Green(JOG) revealed to the public at last - (pg. 413)
Scrogging in soil vs hydroponics. Get the pros and cons of each before you waste your time. (pg. 405)
Much MUCH more...

Chapter 9

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Want to easily grow and see your own MASSIVE yield? Growing marijuana outdoors can make this wish come true(some plants can reach up to 20 feet tall!), but it can also be quite risky depending on your grow area. Natural sunlight and fresh air works wonders for cannabis plants.

The cool thing about cultivating cannabis outdoors is that you save lots of money on lighting - natural sunlight is available year round and is free!


Intro To Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Discover the two elements CRUCIAL to ensure outdoor growing success. (Don't even think about growing outdoors if you haven't considered these yet) - (pg. 426)
The KEY benefits of growing outdoors, and the difference between pot smoked that has been grown outdoors vs indoors. If this doesn't change your mind, I don't know what will! (pg. 427)
Learn the EXACT genetic factors to consider before buying any outdoor seed strain intended for outdoor growth and why you might want to use these if you plan on growing lots and lots of highly sought-after nugs... (pg. 427)
A secret trick to SKYROCKET your outdoor germination rate for massive bud production. (pg. 427)
Planting outdoors in pots, correctly. (pg. 428)
Expert advice for how to camouflage your outdoor plants extremely well and hide them from all people and helicopters. (pg. 442)
And much MUCH more...

Light Exposure

How to plan BEFORE you plant to guarantee a freaking ridiculously big outdoor harvest - (pg. 429)
The EXACT number of hours outdoor plants MUST GET each and every day if you plan to carry your buds home in 'XXL' plastic trashbags. (pg. 429)
A secret trick to map out the annual suns rotation pattern in the sky to ensure your outdoor plants get MAXIMUM light exposure throughout their ENTIRE cycle. (this expert trick is incredibly beneficial when choosing an ideal grow spot, and also very simple to do) try it for yourself and watch your branches bend from the weight of the dense heavy big colas. All revealed: (pg. 429)
Lighting and why your grow location n the planet plays a VITAL role. Example: what will you need to do if you live 30 degrees latitude (or higher) from the equator? All revealed on pg. 430
The single BEST TIME OF YEAR to grow your outdoor plant for branch-breaking yield. (pg. 435)
Uncover the single best direction to plant your crops to ensure maximum year long sun exposure, skyrocketing vegetation and bud-site development. (pg. 730)
Learn my highly effective secret tip to increase outdoor yield by up to 10%, and it only takes a one-time application of under 10 minutes! (pg. 430)
Starting your outdoor grow indoors first, how to do it and why this superior method will speed up your outdoor plant growth tremendously so you'll be harvesting its' delicious bounty sooner. (pg. 435)
How toeffectively overcome outdoor plant transplant shock, every single time. No more wasted growing time - (pg. 436)
And much MUCH more...

Choosing Your Grow Spot

How to make sure your plants NEVER get detected by unwanted pesky people, figure out the ultimate spots to plant outdoor cannabis to ensure a safe secure harvest, every time. (pg. 439)
All about sunlight, including how to use stealthy light reflecting to ensure your outdoor plants get MAXIMUM light exposure producing for you legendary yields. (pg. 452)
A water source is critical when growing outdoors. Learn everything you need to know about watering cannabis outdoors remotely on pg. 441
Outdoor pests are a huge threat to your precious plants. Learn just how to prevent, avoid, and eliminate them so you don't oneday get an unpleasent surprise when you come upon your dessimated grow site. (pg. 441)
Security. How to never get caught and how to avoid your plants from being stolen(or worse, confiscated while you get to powerlessly watch!) (pg. 441)
How to determine if an outdoor grow spot area is a prime location and is fertile enough to grow thriving heavy-yielding massive marijuana in - (pg. 443)
How to scout a grow spot and be armed with knowing EXACTLY what to look for to ensure unbelievably massive yielding. (pg. 444)
much MUCH more...

Your Grow Spot

Preparing Your Outdoor Grow Spot – The Complete Guide. (pg. 443)
The key addition for your soil to make sure it stays enriched and vigourous all year long – (pg. 444)
WARNING: NEVER use this on your outdoor plants! Although it may be reccomendded to you in grow shops, please don't make the mistake so many outdoor growers unknowingly do! Find out what to avoid on (pg. 445)
How to prepare soil properly for an explosive outdoor grow. Step-by-step; (pg. 445)
My easy method for how to plant a clone outdoors and ensure a 100% growth success rate, every time – (pg. 446)
Digging your hole & testing your soil for adequate drainage level to make sure your roots never dry out. (pg. 446)
What you MUST remove from inside your hole to save you money, frustration, and lots of wasted energy. (pg. 446)
My expert secret trick(took over 19 years to discover!) used by growers that will tremendously help in increasing outdoor plant growth during the early stages. Growing Elite Marijuana exclusive. Start using it today and watch your branches bend. Find it on pg. 446
How to considerably speed up your outdoor plant growth as soon as possible. (pg. 447)
WARNING: The one thing you MUST do if you are planting in a dry climate to ensure water stays in the roots and doesn't dry up and evaporate right away – instantly killing your plants. (pg. 447)
How to successfully maintain your outdoor grow. Exactly what you need to do, and how often to ensure a super dank big harvest. Get all the details on pg. 447
How to plant your outdoor seeds properly to ensure they germinate almost EVERY time, including what to do the night before and the perfect depth to plant them into Mother Earth. (pg. 447)
When EXACTLY you can expect your outdoor seed to sprout. (pg. 447)
No nonsense outdoor plant watering. Everything you'll need to know before you go out and grow. Don't even think about planting your first seed until you read through this section - (pg. 448)
Tying down outdoor plants. Everything you'll probably ever need to know, including the benefits, the full timeline, and a completely illustrated step-by-step guide. Find the fully illustrated walkthrough on pg 450.
And much MUCH more...

Guerilla Growing

Guerilla growing means growing on a plot that is not your own. Learn the most up-to-date effective techniques for doing it safely and reaping a MASSIVE tasty harvest.

WARNING: Security. Full disclosure on everything you've ever needed to know about keeping your self and your plants completely safe when growing them in a remote spot. Nothing is worse than to arrive at your plot to find your plants you have been caring for and visitng for the last 2 months have been stolen and ripped out of the ground. I've designed this section to make sure this NEVER happens to you by following my advanced safety steps for completely disguising and hiding your plants, ensuring a safe and secure worry-free huge outdoor grow. (pg. 436)
Fencing is important, chipmunks, squirrels, deer, bears, and other wild animals love to feast on your cannabis. Ensure this will not happen to your plant by finding out the best fencing to use and the easy method to apply it. (pg. 437)
Everything you will need to know about remotely watering your plants, including methods of transport and I've even included a how-to for building your own rudimentary irrigation system. Get it all inside this jam-packed HIGHly informative section =). (pg. 437)
Learn all the steps for how and when exactly the peak time is to harvest your outdoor plants for extraordinary bud. (pg. 438)
a secret trick used by elite guerilla growers to set up an “automatic watering device” that lasts for weeks in under 30 seconds and costs less than $3. No more frustration and worries about drying out your remote crops. Get it now - (pg. 448)
And much MUCH more...


Learn all about frost and freezing temperatures, when and where your plants might be in danger, and how specifically frost will affect cannabis – know exactly what to watch out for and how to prevent it so your outdoor marijuana plants remain safe, happy, and high yielding. (pg. 431)
Cold and its effect on marijuana plants. (pg. 434)
How to predict frost jusing my simple method, works almost every single time! (pg. 431)
All about wind and its surprising effect on chilling your crops to dangerous levels. Learn how to avoid this often overlooked outdoor disaster. (pg. 432)
Humidity, moisture, frost, and your cannabis. (pg. 432)
The location of your garden can have a tremendous influence on whether or not an early frost could wipe out your garden. Find out the best spot on pg. 432
The PERFECT soil to prevent frost disasters and frozen growth – (pg. 432)
WARNING: What to do IMMEDIATELY if you know frost is on its way – (pg. 433)
Frost damage temeprature threshold. If the air temperature drops below these levels – you're in serious trouble. Know before you grow - (pg. 434)
Frost and color changes. Get prepared and know exactly what to look out for – (pg. 435)
And much MUCH more...

Greenhouse Growing

What is a greenhouse(in-detail) and why is it a great way to grow my ganja? (pg. 454)
The 12 major benefits and advantages of growing marijuana in a greenhouse. (pg. 455)
The disadvantages of greenhouse growing. (pg. 456)
Greenhouse construction. Complete how-to guide for constructing your own outdoor quality greenhouse, including the full procedure and materials required for the job. (pg. 458)
Some final very important words when outdoor growing. (pg. 459)
much MUCH more...

Chapter 10

Cannabis Maintenance

Growing marijuana isn't as simple as plopping a seed into a grow medium and sitting back and smiling. If you want rock star buds then proper maintaining of your plant is required. It's quite fun to care for your babies! Cannabis maintenance is accomplished through training, pruning, topping and many more methods in order to ensure you get the highest quality smoke and produces the largest amount of top-quality herb you possibly can. Cutting, bending, and doing many other specific things to your cannabis can cause super fast aggressive growth, drastically increase bud potency, and add ounces to your end harvest weight.

Again, mainy growers have grown confused from the lack of detailed guides and illustration. This section is jam-packed with fully illustrated step-by-step guides so you know EXACTLY how to properly maintain & train your cannabis for growing the best strains around.


Marijuana Maintenance Fundamentals

Proven plant support methods - sometimes plants grow very top heavy and begin to bend and fall over(they will if you follow this guide!). Here are some of the cheapest, easiest, most effective ways of providing your cannabis plant with adequate plant support. (pg. 461)

The top 11 most common growing mistakes EVER. These are a MUST-READ if you like the idea of saving lots of money, time, and experiencing an exciting successful first time flawless grow from seed to sensational stone-inducing smoke. If you're the type who likes to learn the hard way from their own mistakes, failures and stressful frustrations and doesn't like the easy stoner's way to green riches than you DO NOT WANT to read this. (pg. 540)
Much MUCH more...

Training Cannabis - Every Method Revealed

Learn all the methods in-depth. I'm going to take you by the hand and show you how to grow marijuana like a pro.

WARNING: What to do IMMEDIATELY if you accidentally break a stem (pg. 465)


Pruning Marijuana Made Easy

Pruning – The Complete Guide. (pg. 464)
Why prune? Find out if you plan on growing highly sought-after nugs. (pg. 464)
Pruning in-detail - (pg. 466)
Preparing before a prune for bud that smokes as good as it looks. (pg. 466)
WARNING: What tools to NEVER use when pruning marijuana that may cause your entire plant to die – (pg. 466)
Pruning for MAXIMUM light exposure. (pg. 467)
The ONLY time is is acceptable to cut away a fan leaf. Fuck this one up and you'll be staring at a decaying plant. (pg. 468)
Correctly pruning lower growth, inside, and the tips. (pg. 468)
Learn how to make your plant taller by pruning it in just the right way. (pg. 468)
Pruning for growth enhancing hormones. Follow this if you're interested in bud that straight smacks you upside the head. (pg. 470)

Topping In-Depth

Topping for DOUBLING your Dank. (pg. 471)
Topping frequently asked questions – (pg. 472)
Topping - The Complete step-by-step illustrated guide. (pg. 476)
All about Topping, why do it and the sweet benefits – (pg. 473)
Topping and marijuana plant growth – (pg. 474)

Lower Profile Pruning & Training

Training/pruning for a lower profile – (pg. 478)
Training/pruning for a lower profile details + materials required - (pg. 478)
Training/pruning for a lower profile - The Complete step-by-step fully illustrated easy to follow guide. No stone shall be left unturned! – (pg. 479)

Paperclip Training Techniques

The PaperClip training methods revealed in incredible depth. (pg. 483)
The 5 major benefits of paperclip training techniques, and why you need to learn how to do this immediately if you want to grow lots and lots of bud featuring sweet smell, amazing taste, many large hairs and great color. (pg. 483)

FIM Training

FIM(F** I MISSED) training revealed in an easy-to-follow clear and concise manner. No nonsense. No clutter. No technical jargon. Just pure potent how to grow marijuana information. (pg. 484)
The #1 thing you MUST always start with before starting ANY cut on your plant to make sure you don't unknowingly mess up your crop as so many growers have done before you. (pg. 484)
FIM step-by-step, the fully illustrated(beautiful closeup images) step-by-step complete walkthrough guide is on pg. 485
Know preciselywhat a plant should look like after 2 days of FIM. The easy reference revealed - (pg. 488)
See how a successful FIM is done for producing buds with a smooth easy comedown. (pg. 489)
FIMMING correctly vs Topping. Learn the key insider growth secrets. (pg. 490)
The 4 keys to a successful FIM for strong bud, every single time. (pg. 490)
Learn bushing, how and why. (pg. 491)
Master bending for growing ganja that's got long hairs and a generous sparkly crystal coating. (pg. 492)
WARNING: If EVER using a string when bending your crops, do not EVER DO THIS one extremely damaging common fallacy to your precious marijuana plants. So many growers screw this one up during their first attempt! (pg. 492)

All About Low & High Stress Training (LST/HST)

Learn exactly what it is, and when and where to execute it during your personal grow to help you get those mouth-watering buds overnight. (pg. 493)
Low Stress Training Step-by-step, completely illustrated in detail every single step of the way – I have taken all the guesswork out of it so you can grow happily and reap the amazing potent big benefits of LSTng your marijuana, not get confused and feel stressed out or depressed. (pg. 499)
The single most CRUCIAL thing you must understand about LST. (if you don't get this, don't even bother doing it.) (pg. 494)
How LST works. (pg. 496)
How to stimulate unbelievable bud growth by using this simple LST method. (pg. 496)
The 4 crucial keys of any LST technique - (pg. 498)
Discover the single most effective material to use when LST'ng your cannabis. (and no, it isn't string). (pg. 498)
Why LST works. (pg. 494)
High Stress Training techniques for those looking to push their buds to the MAX. (pg. 409)

Air Layering Marijuana

Air layering. All about this unique underground grower secret and how its going to dramatically transform your buds into little Gods virtually overnight. (pg. 502)
How to properly perform air layering for growing your very own most famous cannabis strains. (pg. 502)
Air layering step-by-step, the fully illustrated walkthrough taking out all the confusion, showing you EXACTLY what you need to do to grow the best crops in the neighborhood. Be careful though, you might not be able to sleep with your phone ringing off the hook. (pg. 502)
Get the key examples of air layering, including what NOT to do so you don't accidentally screw it all up. (pg. 505)

Super Cropping For Having The Best Strains Around

Super Cropping done right. Learn the most effective cannabis training technique for building “super stems” that uptake nutrients so efficiently and so quickly your wont believe the unreal buds that you will certainly see growing out from your marijuana plant stems. Full in-depth illustrative jam-packed detailed guide. (pg. 509)
The CRITICAL 'recovery' requirement that needs to be met when super cropping(or doing any sort of high stress training for that manner) any cannabis plant. If you don't do this right, your plants will stress out and suffer and you will face stunted plant growth, a late harvest, and possibly weak impotent buds. (pg. 512)
What to do as your plant gets larger and how EXACTLY to train it. (pg. 512)
Worried about breaking your stems or causing too much damage to your plant? Know exactly how far you can push your plants and when to back off. (pg. 513)

Tie & Train

Tie & Train super cropping step-by-step. The complete illustrated easily understood walkthrough. (pg. 514)
The reason for doing all this, including a detailed image and all of the siiiiiiick benefits for your nugs. (pg. 524)

Monster Cropping

Monster Cropping revealed in detail. This brand spanking new growing technique is a powerful method of growing very impressive elite cannabis. The best part is, it's easy to follow and you too can reap the awesome rewrds if you just follow along the incredibly easy system I have designed for you. (pg. 525)
And much MUCH more...

Marijuana Plant Sickness, Stress, Pests, Mold & Fungi, Diseases, Nutrient Deficincies, And More...

Please refer to the Cannabis Care Manual, your emergency guide for the complete identification, treatment, and prevention of all marijuana plant-related sicknesses, stress, pests, diseases, and more.


Chapter 11

Harvesting Your Buds


An abundant harvest of top-quality herb is the payoff for all the hard work, research, risk, and investment you put into your garden(not to mention the patient wait!). A properly executed harvest is essential to ensure the highest quality cannabis and unbelievable euphoric high quality & smoke.

After you've waited so long to smoke your mouth-watering nugs, the last thing you want to do is accidentally ruin your crop by making a mistake during these final critical steps. Any skilled grower with some growing experience under his/her belt will always tell you - a good harvest makes the difference between weak dirt swag vs delicious sticky-dusted with crystals, deep, dank smelling awesome trees.


The Best Time To Harvest

Growers frequently ask me, 'Ryan, when is the best time to harvest my marijuana plants?'

When growing marijuana, harvesting your plants at the perfect time will allow for maximum bud growth and THC production(potency). After a certain point when this “harvest window” closes, THC will then begin to rapidly decompose and break down losing its psychoactive quality and potency. I spent a very long time on this section to give all serious growers a complete walkthrough on when to know EXACTLY when to harvest their crops to ensure an unbelievable divine smoke.

The comprehensive section begins on pg. 537.

Everything you need to know about the prime “window” for executing a flawless quality marijuana harvest. (pg. 538)
How specifically harvesting at different times affects the end high result of your bud. Never before explained this easy to understand. No PHD required in Biological Science to figure out how to manipulate the EXACT high you want your buds to provide for yourself & all your friends. Go learn right now on pg. 538
Trichomes. Breathtaking micro-photography closeups showing you some of the most mouth-watering budshots you have ever seen alongside clear accurate information and vivid descriptions so you are prepared and confident for knowing EXACTLY what to do during harvest. If you don't even know what a trichome is, you're in luck! Get brought up to speed lightning fast by reviewing pg. 538

Clear, cloudy, amber, half amber, or half cloudy. My guide shows you precisely what each of these mean when it comes to harvest, and how they affect what matters most – your smoke quality & effect. Get all the facts from an authoritative source. (pg. 540)

Ever wanted to know just what that “reddish hair” is on fully mature bud? Impress your friends with your in-depth cannabis knowledge and know how it affects your grow. Learn the foolproof steps to cultivate your own secret bud supply that smokes as good as it looks. (pg. 541)
3 solid time-tested methods for helping guage the absolute BEST harvest window for your plants. I've made it my goal to make this super easy for you - (pg. 542)
For those relying on trichomes to harvest, some strains trichomes don't change colors! This can be highly frustrating and confuse a lot of growers who are basing their peak harvest detection methods on this flawed system. For those times that this happens, know EXACTLY what to do immediately by consulting the solution on pg. 541
See the complete timeline and estimation of trichome color changes now - (pg. 542)
The 5 critical factors that MUST BE MET in order to ensure you are harvesting at precisely the BEST time(hint: they have nothing to do with trichomes!). Know before you grow - pg. 542
How to view and examine trichomes, and what to look for. I'll show you my personal favorite inexpesnive powerful tool you need that has been specifically designed for the 420 community grower in mind(and it's super cheap too – time to ditch the walmart magnifier, that thing is junk). pg. 543
Incredibly stunning closeup resin and trichome shots so you know just what to compare your flowering bud to. (pg. 543)
WARNING: Avoid the #1 CRITICAL ERROR almost all growers make during their very first grow right before harvest. If you do this you will greatly reduce overall yield! Go from seed to divine smoke your first time flawlessly by avoiding this all-too-common pitfall. (pg. 544)
All about white frosty bud crystals and plant maturity levels – (pg. 544)
Everything you'll need to know about female flowers, calyxes, and harvest. Feauturing a beautifully designed colorful guide that clearly shows EXACTLY what a ripe female flower looks like at the PEAK of her harvest window. Get ready to be the most popular stoner in town with your unreal buds. (pg. 545)
Important plant chemistry changes made simple. Stripping all the bs and giving you EXACTLY whats needed so you can grow incredible buds, not study a boring technical college textbook. (pg. 546)
Harvesting concerning maturity and THC, plant size, photoperiod information, males vs female, different varieties, time of year, properly monitoring buds, and more all on pg 547 – 550.
much MUCH more...

Harvesting Techniques

The first step is to cut the stems justtt right. If you do this wrong it could screw up the fundamental drying process - which means all that patient growing time goes right down the drain! Learn where and how EXACTLY to cut down your stems for a THC-rich harvest of big rich colorful buds that are sure to make and keep you satisfied for a very long time. (pg. 550)
In a rush? Here's the total time it takes to harvest different plants so you if you'll be able to complete a harvesting before you even begin. Plan accordingly - (pg. 551)
Flushing, all about it and why it is CRITICAL to ensure your buds taste fresh & fruity - as well as creating that intoxiciating lusty aroma. (pg. 551)
The PERFECT water to use when flushing (it's not what you think!) - (pg. 551)
WARNING: AVOID DOING THIS MAJOR MISTAKE AT ALL COSTS! If you accidentally do this your plants will WILL begin to die withing a few minutes to a hours!!! Nothing is more frustrating, especially when you are days from final harvest. I shudder at the thought, I literally cried the first time I made this mistake. Learn from my own and many other growers mistakes – I wish I had this information when I was starting out 20 years ago! (pg. 552)
Commercial flushing formulas, why they work great, what exactly to get, and what to avoid like the plague. (pg. 552)
In-detail harvesting: what to cut and how., The Full Guide For a Foolproof Harvest. (pg. 553)
How to properly handle your buds and what to AVOID when cutting/harvesting to make sure you do not damage the delicate trichomes(that carry all the THC and other edgy/trippy stone-inducing good feeling cannabinoids.) (pg. 553)
Mold. It's disgusting. It DESTROYS drying buds. Once you spot it it's too late and can wipe out an entire harvested crop overnight. Learn the one single CRUCIAL KEY to eliminate your chances of a mold attack so you can reap a stress-free clean top-caliber harvest. (pg. 554)
Harvesting via Cutting. Know what the best tools to use are, how to properly prepare them, and exactly what to snip. (pg. 555)
Harvesting Indica step-by-step - (pg. 556)
How to neatly and accurately cut away even the smallest of tops without any problems! (pg. 556)
Harvesting sativa step-by-step. (pg. 556)
And much MUCH more...


Manicuring made easy. After cutting down your crops it is now time to manicure them. This simply means removing all the excess leaf material surrounding the bud to clean it up. I've layed out the ENTIRE process from messy leafy bud to clean medical-grade smokeable bud in one easy to follow format. Check it out on pg. 558
The PERFECT time to begin manicuring (too early and the glands will fall off with handling) (pg. 558)
This one step is CRUCIAL during manicuring to avoid attracting unneccessary moisture which immediately attracts mold spores. (pg. 558)
How to properly handle your buds during the crucial final stages of proccessing. (pg. 558)
After manicuring your buds you are left with a bunch of leftover leaf and other material. These leaves are still PACKED with resin but make for a horrible harsh smoke... so what do you do? Make hashish of course – one of the most potent form of marijuana known to man. Consult the hashish section for the complete step-by-step guides on all things hash related (including cannabutter and hash oil!) Also, it is CRITICAL you learn how to properly dispose of your marijuana harvest waste. Unknowingly so many growers are being caught this way. Certain people can and WILL go through your garbage cans when you least expect it. Please consult the Marijuana Security Manual for a full in-depth look at how to grow marijuana safely, privately, and discretely. This could be the most important investment you've ever made.
And much MUCH more...


Drying and curing marijuana is a critical step in the growth process. During this stage you can lose, preserve, or cultivate odor, flavor, potency, and much MUCH more. Odor and flavor must be carefully cured. The drying and curing process allow the plant to purge sugar and to purge chlorophyll(which has a bitter aftertaste). Improperly dried and cured marijuana can lose almost all of its original potency.

If you dry your buds too fast it will make your buds smell like pine needles, hay, and taste very very bad. Proper drying and curing also ensures the maximum potency of the marijuana you have grown. Marijuana is typically not potent just after harvest – some of the THC is in a non-psychoactive acidic form. Drying marijuana the right way will convert the non-psychoactive acidic compounds into psychoactive potent THC – giving you an INCREDIBLE stoned high and unforgettable smoke flavor and taste.

Why exactly rushing drying your buds is a BAD idea. (pg. 560)
The four things that rapidly DESTROY THC all over your freshly harvested buds which in effect will severely reduce its' potency FAST. Learn what to avoid so you don't end up wasting all your time and effort only to produce dirt marijuana like so many new growers have sadly done...until now. (pg. 560)
How to properly dry and hang your buds. (pg. 561)
The PERFECT drying environment(optimal humidity + temperature ranges) to ensure maximum THC potency and delicious buds. (pg. 561)
Air Drying broken down step-by-step for bud with a sticky texture that really brings a smile to your face when breaking it up. When you break the nugs apart, a distinct, sweet smell fills the air. (pg. 562)
How to dry your buds, and the critical actions you must do while they are drying. (DO NOT skip this if you wish to avoid a dissapointing smoke) - (pg. 563)
How correct air circulation around your buds is CRITICAL for a successful harvest. (Hint: too much air and the buds dry out too fast causing quick-burning crumbly bud and a sharp harsh smoke, too little air supplied to your buds and they will remain too moist on the inside and grow covered in disgusting smelly mold and rot – wasting 2 months of your life. Man, I remember when I used to make these stupid mistakes.) Find out my foolproof method that will allow you to properly ventilate your hanging drying buds to guarantee a successful potent dry that works EVERY TIME. No having to pull out your hair like I did grow after grow after painful grow... (pg. 563)
Why you should NEVER smoke moldy buds. Ever. Seriously this will scare you. (pg. 564)
The Optimal Marijuana Drying Environment revealed. Learn every critical factor to help you have a happy dry. Including every single crucial componenet of a successful drying location such as humidty, optimal temperature, light exposure, air, and much more. (pg. 576)
What specific fertilizer nutrient to NEVER use 2 weeks before harvesting. (ignore this one if you favor a bitter lingering nug aftertaste) - (pg. 574)
Why drying time can be lengthened accidentally and how to avoid this so that you can smoke your well-deserved bounty in days, not weeks. You've never been closer to learning how to have your own potent bottomless bud supply - (pg. 564)
Warm-mist humidifiers and hygrometers, what these are, how they can help, and whether or not you might need one for your grow setup. (pg. 565)
The #1 often overlooked environmental factor that rapidly decomposes THC, and how to make sure this never happens to your buds so they stay nice and potent through and through. (pg. 565)

I'm giving it all away - learn my top secret expert growing trick to make a faster dry (by up to an incredible 33% faster!) WITHOUT ruining the quality/potency of the smoke or affecting the taste WHATSOEVER. The secret revealed on pg. 566

Re-moisturizing dry buds step-by-step. (pg. 566)
What to do immediately to your butchered crop after harvest to ensure a second harvest in as little as 6 weeks! Recycling and regenerating the complete step-by-step guide, (pg. 567)
Regeneration/rejuvunation step-by-step (pg. 589)
Pruning regenerated plants for reaping another massive harvest - fast. (pg. 590)
much MUCH more...

Curing Correctly

The last critical step is to create a way to bring out the full flavor, aroma, and best smoke possible from your marijuana buds. This is the final step in which moisture is redistributed throughout the bud. When marijuana is cured properly using this easy to follow in-depth system I have created for you, it will result in fresh, delicious, creamy-centred, divinely buds aching for you to smoke them as soon as you possibly can.

Curing and its affect on bud potency. Get the accurate, most up-to-date facts. (pg. 569)

All about curing and its full effect on your buds. Find out about this critical final step on pg. 568
Ever wanted to know how some top growers get their bud to smell and taste like blueberry, or chocolate, strawberry, banana, etc? Finally, a complete guide shows you EXACTLY how you can achieve this with YOUR nugs. Featuring the full step-by-step comprehensive guide for adding awesome flavors to your bud. It too kme a while to put together but was so worth it - check it out! (pg. 577)
Proven method reveals how to tell EXACTLY when your buds are dry enough to be cured. Pay attention if you want to grow highly sought-after nugs. (pg. 571)
The 5 essential conditions that must be met for preserving incredible bud flavour and aroma. If you want to smoke elite bud, you will want to check this section out. (pg. 571)
The top choice of expert growers to dry & preserve the Cure for smooth, sweet, great tasting sensational buds. (pg. 571)
Foolproof curing tricks - doing it right the easy way. (pg. 572)
Curing, The COMPLETE Guide step-by-step. (pg. 573)
How long will a “proper” cure take? (so you can smoke your buds sooner!) Find out on pg. 574
Water curing. Learn all about this revolutionary new speedy cure technique. Is it superior to the standard classic “slow dry cure” ? You be the judge. (pg. 579)
Know just what happens to your buds while they undergo their curing process. No more being left in the dark. I've taken out all the guesswork - (pg. 580)
Moisture content and why it is ESSENTIAL to the curing process for fruity fresh tasting buds, study it on pg. 580.
Critical cure chemical conversions such as cannabinoid conversion, continued metabolism, and decarboxylation and its effect on your buds taste, potency, and aroma. Put in a simple easy to understand format that strips the BS out. (pg. 582)
Fermentation, chlorophyll, and your buds aftertaste. I'll show you exactly what to do so you're left happily licking the roof of your mouth for hours after your smoke. (pg. 583)
Curing using glass canning jars. (pg. 585)
Storing marijuana. When curing and storing your precious buds that you have waited so long to finally enjoy, the single most important investment you can make is a quality container. The absolute best container for curing and storage of cannabis buds(and where to get it) means creamy-centred, incredibly potent, tasty preserved buds). This 420-designed inexpensive high-quality bud curing and long-term storage container revealed on pg. 586
If you're storing your buds for a long time, you MUST know this (they can grow mold, even in airtight conditions!) - (pg. 588)
6 final storage tips to ensure your buds STAY as fresh, delicious, creamy-centred and potent as the day you harvested them. (pg. 588)
And much MUCH more...


Since so much time, labour, and cost has gone into the production of each plant, growers shouldn't overlook utilization of the "shake" or excess leaves. Extraction involves the process of removing the essential oil, THC resin, from the frosty leaves remaining all over the plant(they're also removed when pruning!).

This incredibly rewarding process has never been made easier. Now you too can learn all the best simple up-to-date hash extraction methods to enjoy some of the funnest most potent ganja form on the planet.

Introduction to hash making. (pg. 191)

Hashish – what is it specifically, and how to use it. (pg. 592)
Hashish Production. (pg. 592)
Making hash the right way – (pg. 594)
What is “hash”? Find out on pg. 593
Smoking hash for a Long lasting high. (pg. 595)
The Moroccan hash rating system. (pg. 595)
What is “skuff” and how to properly prepare it. (pg. 565)
Essential tools needed for making hash. (pg. 596)
The ideal skuffing environment for making excellent hash. (pg. 596)
And much MUCH more...


Hash Extraction Methods

How hash is is collected - the full overview. (pg. 597)
Find out what the best hash is made from, and why this crucial ingredient may be laying around your ganja green garden right now! Learning how to grow marijuana with hash is super fun and I've made sure it stays that way. (pg. 598)
Crystal collection, including hand rubbing, sieving, and water extraction. These very popular hash extraction methods in complete detail revealed on pg. 598
Pressing. All you'll need to know to get started right away making your own potent hash to send you into an earth shattering spiritual awakening blissful new high experience like you've never experienced before. (pg. 599)
Chemical extraction, including solvent extraction, lipid extraction(cannabutter!), and isomerization. Sounds technical but I've made them really easy to understand. Get the full report and learn how, step-by-step. (pg. 600)
Hash oil. What is it and how to make some for herb that packs a serious punch. (pg. 601)
Hash additives and preparations. (pg. 601)
Making hash via flat screening, including where to get the BEST high quality inexpensive “schwag bag kits” on the market today specifically designed for cannabis. My personal reccomendation on pg. 602
Drum machines. (no not the ones at guitar center) - (pg. 604)
Making hash with a schwag bag kit step-by-step. Follow this easy guide and learn how to make the most fun form of marijuana on the planet! (pg. 605)
The BEST water to use when extracting ANY type of hash. (pg. 606)
A cool little trick to even FURTHER increase your extracted hashs' potency level sending your head and body soaring to new unbelievable heights. (pg. 607)
Lazy? The extremely easy blender method revealed for extracting quality hash - easy and quickly. (pg. 607)
The alcohol method for some serious hash making. Find out exactly how to do it inside. (pg. 608)

Making cannabutter, step by step. pg. 609

For those of you that haven't heard, cannabutter is a fundamental cooking ingredient for all ganja-related cooking endeavors. It can be substituted in any recipe that requires regular butter (like brownies, cookies, and scooby snacks!) see The Stoner's Cookbook for more info and tons more awesome stoner-designed gourmet 5-minute marijuana recipes.

hashish Including lots LOTS more...

Chapter 12


Advanced Growing


Many growers, after mastering the basics of cannabis cultivation, wish to dive into whole new exciting world of enhanced marijuana growing.

Whether it be breeding to make their very own strains, utilizing secret tips & tricks for exponentially increasing bud potency and harvest yield, adding exotic flavors to their bud such as pineapple, blueberry, or chocolate, tinkering with plant hormones, advanced nutrient feeding strategies, or whatever else the aspiring grower may desire to implement in their ganja garden to take their plants to the HIGHest levels biologically possible, this sections got it all.

Never before have advanced expert growing techniques and methods been broken down so simply and clearly. There is NOTHING else like this book on the market today. This section is full of how-to's and step-by-step illustrated guides that are incredibly easy to understand. Go from advanced grower to Marijuana Master by reading through and studying with this revolutionary up-to-date chapter of Growing Elite Marijuana - The Complete Guide.


Cannabis Genetics

This groundbreaking section entails many advanced concepts for accomplishing all sorts of incredible feats with your cannabis. Making your own strain can perhaps be one of the most exciting aspects of genetic marijuana manipulation. Some growers even aspire to create their own legendary award winning strains(and you can make A LOT of money doing it) that may very well oneday become the next Cannabis Cup winners! Learn the vital steps below, and get started tonight!

Genetics & Cannabis - The Complete Overview. (pg. 612)

Cannabis breeder's glossary. This marijuana-specific formatted tool is essential to any grower looking to begin toying with their plant's genetics. You will find yourself referring back to it over and over again. (pg. 612)
hashish Much MUCH more...


How to produce more seeds from your crop in order to continue the strain. The polished easy to understand step-by-step guide starts on pg. 620
Seeds and superior genetic blueprints. Critical information you must know if you want to start toying with your own strain creation – (pg. 621)
The general proccess overview professional seed breeders use to improve strain varieties. Clearly mapped out so you know EXACTLY what to do to mimic their awesome success for wicked buds. (pg. 621)

Sprouted a rare one? Find out my foolproof method to preserve the EXACT genetic blueprint of any one of your plants. (pg. 622)

Cannabis Breeding Techniques

Selecting the wrong parent plants when breeding can mean a destroyed perfectly good seedline. This means you will have to blow $100 and start all over again from seeds. Get the complete step-by-step guide for how to select perfect parents to make sure this never happens to you. (pg. 622)
The easy guide for making your very first strain cross. (pg .623)
Breeding to make seeds. (pg. 624)
It is possible to cross your favourite two female plants to create a new strain of seeds that will produce all female plants! Learn how with the all-encompassing sinsemilla seed section on (pg. 624)
How to produce male flowers the right way. (pg. 624)
Making Seeds step-by-step – The Comprehensive Guide. Starting on pg. 625
How to select viable parents, the critical guidelines. (pg. 626)
The ligthing schedule your breeding male plants MUST remain on, if this is not followed they will cease to finish their flowering cycle followed by a complete shutdown of pollen produciton within several days. Know before you grow - (pg. 626)
Pollination in-detail. Method #1 and Method #2 - (pg. 627)
Collecting Pollen Safely step-by-step, the fully illustrated picture by picture guide. Guaranteed success on pg. 628
Storing pollen for maximum freshness and genetic favorability. (pg. 626)
Making your first basic hybrid, my simple step-by-step walkthrough. Toying with marijuana genetics has never been made easier - go from confused and lost newbie to total pro in mere hours! (pg. 633)
Crossing. The complete breakdown. (pg. 634)
What you need to know about backcrossing. What it is, and why to do it. (pg. 634)
Cubing made simple. (pg. 635)
Strawberry cream? Orange citrus? Sprite?! Discover how you can powerfully use genetics to alter your marijuana taste and smell. Learn the crucial ingredients - (pg. 635)
Developing a breeding strategy Part One, determining your breeding goals. (pg. 635)
Choosing the right breeding stock, Part Two. This crucial part of the proccess broken down simply in-detail on pg 636.
All aboutfemales. An in-depth look. (pg. 636)
All about males. An all-encompassing look. (pg. 637)
Taking out all the guesswork of adding bud flavors - how to add a pineapple flavor to your bud, the full example. (pg. 647)
Cubing a clone. The full guide, advantages, disadvantages, and exactly what to do and how. (pg. 639)
The complete cubing procedure step-by-step. Get access on pg. 640
Learn the #1 goal of a cubed strain - (pg. 641)
Master convergent improvement in no time and learn why it's essential to the aspiring cannabis strain breeder. (pg. 641)
Creating a true breeding strain(IBL). Find out exactly what it is that you are going to be doing in this exhaustive comprehensive guide, you'll learn exactly what to do as I talk you by the hand. The guide starts on pg. 641
Genetics and applying pressure, learn the essential steps to your marijuana growing career success. (pg. 644)
The best clearrcut and efficient ways to isolate and select the best strain traits for sensational strain creation. If growing some of the best strains mankind has ever known, this will appeal to you. (pg. 650)
Inbred Lines, f1, f2, and your pot. (pg. 645)
How to backcross your “special” female properly. (pg. 645)
Backcrossing and cubing, the process, the results. (pg. 646)
The crucial points for having success with these advanced genetic manipulation techniques. Get the critical fundamentals - (pg. 647)
breeding And much MUCH more...

Increasing Bud Potency And Harvest Yield

There are several things growers can do to improve their marijuana yield and potency(THC content). I've included these extremely effective time-tested as well as currently up-to-date powerful methods for the grower looking to get that “extra kick” out of his or her garden.

Cannabis connoisseur Mel Frank's secret expert grower weapon. Easy to do, and very powerful. This simple technique will cause many new buds to form. You wont know what to do with all the weed you'll be harvesting after implementing this! With permission greanted this secret technique has been revealed to the public for all to enjoy. Try it and see for yourself on pg. 678

Learn and master the 8 crucial factors a dense, large crystal, yield is heavily dependent on. (pg. 655)
The 5 most important things you MUST know if you want to grow strong buds that are light and sticky to the touch. (pg. 655)
The 8 factors that will dramatically affect your marijuana plant's harvest yield and potency/quality the most that gets you lifted quickly and heavily, with no comedown. This exhaustive list starts on pg. 656
WARNING: Certain popular commercially available feeding products on the market today that claim to produce higher yields do work, but they drastically reduce bud potency and produce an awkward taste that can't be remedied by flushing! Learn EXACTLY what brands and products to watch out for. Discussed in-depth on pg. 663
how using the correct amount of fertilizers can give your marijuana a flavor that is intense yet smooth and packs a lot of body in the aftertaste... Refer to the how-to on pg. 664
5 powerful additives growers can use to explode their yield, with absolutely no side effects. Download the book immediately and be reading the list in minutes. (pg. 665)
Foliage production for growing bud that smokes as good as it looks, High N feeding strategies made simple, and plant yield amount so you can it back, kick it and enjoy the ride! All revealed inside. (pg. 666)
The #1 ELITE growing secret to creating EXPLODING YIELDS and EUPHORIC BUD POTENCY. The buzz is powerful and energetic, yet social, leaving you feeling somewhat energized with a taste that is divine and very sweet... Try it for yourself, it could be sitting in your refrigerator right now! (who knew using this on cannabis would have such amazing benefits?) pg. 667
A simple foolproof method for using roots to develop that deep, dank smell along with white frosty buds sticky-dusted with resin crystals. Also I'm including a couple wicked tricks to getting the most out of your plants. All on pg. 668
Siiiiiick technique to explode root growth virtually overnight. Want bomb kush? Here's exactly how. (hint: It involves a razorblade and a steady hand). Learn what to do step-by-step on pg. 669
Strain selection for MASSIVE stem-bending yields. The perfect indica sativa mix and what to AVOID if you have potent big buds in mind. (pg. 669)
One critical action step you must take when growing indoors to ensure a VERY satisfying yield of buds that smell great and look so delicious that all your friends' mouths will water. (pg. 670)
Want so much extra top-quality herb that you don't even know what to do with it all? Or maybe you do and end up rich... ;) Get my surefire method of pruning specifically for yields. Never before has it been made more easy to follow or as clear as this and this technique isn't available ANYWHERE ELSE! Download the book immediately, start reading and you can begin today - (pg. 671)

The easiest method for how to get your marijuana plant to focus all its energy on a select few flowering branches. The result? HUGE HEAVY BUDS that give you a high that's outstanding – lasts long and doesn't make you feel groggy. Find out right now on pg. 672

What specifically to remove on your marijuana plant(and how) to skyrocket bud potency and harvest yield virtually overnight. Oh and I forgot to mention, your buds will develop a very seductive pungent lusty smell that says, "Hope you've got nothing planned today buddy." (pg. 672)
Topping and where to do it – the fully illustrated picture guide for 100% guaranteed buds that are PACKED with flavor and potency. (pg. 673)
Optimal air flow for yields. Learn the perfect procedure. Following my simple technique will give your buds more hairs than the average Sativa that get dusted all over with trichomes. Try it for yourself tonight! (pg. 673)
How to make your plants grow even and short, this way you can lower the lights as close as possible to all the budding sites without burning them. More focused light = a HUGE sparkling rich sticky harvest producing nugs with a solid high & great taste.. Get my complete system right now. (pg. 675)
SCROGGING for luscious yields that when ripped open, this bud looks killer. (pg. 675)
Super Cropping for massive yield – the modified technique. pg. 675
Super secret underground method to drastically increase resin production with no hangups. WARNING: its easy to do but still very experimental(it might not be healthy). Learn the cutting-edge newest technique and try it out tonight! (pg. 675)
Bending and training for maximum light exposure and internal chemical alteration, which directly influence harvest yield - flawlessly producing for you buds that are crisp and the nug itself nice and dense. Get the illustrated complete how-to walkthrough on pg. 676.
the first CRUCIAL step required to increase marijuana yield and THC content (bud potency). And why you must do these things before ANYTHING ELSE pg. 654
How planting seedlings wrong can affect the plant's ENTIRE grow cycle and yes, severely stunt yield and bud potency. Start your grow off RIGHT and enjoy your own bottomless supply of rock star buds. See pg. 691
Watering correctly and its' peculiar affect on ganja's yield, potency, unique scent, taste, and mental & physical effects... Get all the shocking facts on (pg. 691)
6 Other miscellaneous powerful tricks to drastically enhance your bud's on-site rich resin development and dramatically increase density and harvest weight. Everyone reports after using these techniques their buds begin to produce super crystallized leaves. When you break the nugs apart, a distinct, sweet smell fills the air. (pg. 692)

How to get bushier more productive plants. (pg. 694)

Scientifically researched-backed breakthrough secret method to enhance marijuana plant growth tremendously using a certain type of MUSIC?!?! Learn the essential growth-enhancing sound waves to dramatically increase your bud with this awesome unique new trick. (I've personally tested it and yes, it seems to work!) (pg. 694)
Super secret ingredient for getting a jaw dropping yield. Period. (pg. 696)
4 wacky new age ideas for vigorous cannabis plant growth. Many growers nowadays are swearing by this! Try these latest ganja enhancement methods and see for yourself. (pg. 695)
Quit overpaying for bud that costs an arm and a leg. Use my simple trick to increase your marijuana plant growth and as an added bonus enhance potency. This technique has been used(and was taught to me) by many expert growers today. There is a downside though - it can only can be used during vegetative growth. The complete method revealed inside. (pg. 696)
Positive pests (ladybugs anyone?) and how they can help your magical herb garden. (pg. 697)
A great way to drastically increase yield, growth speed, and quality of smoke is by foliar feeding. Learn the complete walkthrough how to do it correctly and the dangers to avoid (mold, over-fertilization and other garden disasters!), complete overview, the process in detail, the ultimate nutrient mix to use to supercharge dense sticky nug growth, the awesome benefits, how to wash your leaves for optimal taste, the single best time of day to do it, plus much much more. Starting on pg. 697
Foliar feeding's awesome benefits aren't reserved solely for indoor plants anymore. Uncover my complete how-to foliar feed guide foryour outdoor growing cannabis - (pg. 704)
UK scientists have determined a secret new age energy generation device that has been laboratory-tested and PROVEN to accelerate growth by enhancing cellular-level plant processes tremendously. This groundbreaking new discovery and how to immediately apply this easily affordable device for your garden. pg. 705
If you're aware roots are the foundation of your plant's grow, and put quite simply bigger roots = bigger sticky buds put in the palms of your hands FAST, than you will LOVE this powerful technique to EXPLODE root growth. But be warned! It isn't easy. Only attempt this if you think you're ready – I created this step-by-step guide to make this awesome trick as easy as possible, but that doesn't mean it wont take a little bit of practice. Try it today! See for yourself on (pg. 708)
Everything you need to know about growth hormones and enhancing your plants through their manipulation for high grade marijuana. The complete authoratative guide begins on (pg. 706)
Secret extract for a healthy growth surge, which means MORE BUDS SOONER. Find out what this ancient herb will do for YOUR weed plants. (pg. 708)
All about negative ion generators, for enhancing growth and eliminating grow room odors. (pg. 709)
seedbank reviews

And much MUCH more...


CO2 Generation

all about CO2 and its effect on your plants, specifically why CO2 supplementation is one of the most effective methods in existence today to force marijuana plants to grow faster and produce heavier yields. If you're looking for quickly cultivating for yourself a small intense amount of bud that goes a long way, you will not want to miss this.

Elevating environmental carbon dioxide levels in your grow area can increase growth speeds tremendously, likely even doubling them!!! Be careful with this one though, you may not know what to do with all the powerful extra sticky bud you will be producing!

The complete CO2 overview. ( pg. 683).
Calculating how much CO2 is PERFECT for your unique grow room, the simple proven formula made painless. (pg. 684)
The snags, pitfalls, & downsides of CO2 - (pg. 685)
Want to always be able to smoke less for that incredible stoned feeling? The simplest extremely effective way to supplement CO2 cheaply in your grow area (costs under $5). Finally, no more expensive CO2 tanks! (pg. 685)
Find out if light from a CO2 generator will affect your plants dark cycle, one tiny light is perhaps secretly undermining your entire grow operation slowly cultivating weak buds. Get the no nonsense truth and know EXACTLY what to watch out for. (pg. 685)
A complete Basic CO2 setup and average cost for those seriously looking into a tank system when growing weed. (pg. 686)
How long a small tank will last in a closet so you never lost the chance of your buds producing that intense high & yield weight. (pg. 686)
Use my foolproof hose modification technnique to effectively surround your plants with maximum CO2 exposure. (pg. 686)
CO2 can be expensive. Learn how to properly conserve it, so you don't waste your hard-earned cash when growing marijuana! (pg. 687)
Fermentation and CO2 for copious amount of crystals, the how-to guide on pg. 687
Even though CO2 enrichment can mean 30-100% yield increases, there are downsides. Learn them all, then make your final decision. (pg. 689)
Need to know exactly how much CO2 to add to your grow room for producing denser bud with a unique scent, taste, mental & physical effects? Consult pg. 689
Fermentation, vinegar and baking soda, and dry ice – the pros and cons of each including how-to's. Learn these easy homemade CO2 remedies for effortlessly growing buds that are PACKED with flavor and potency - (pg. 691)
Propane burners, CO2 canisters, and killer bud. Get the facts. (pg. 692)
Want fast heavy yields with a great high that smells delicious? Creating your own extremely effective homemade CO2 generator – the complete guide. Including materials, and step-by-step instructions that has never been easier to follow. Starting on pg. 693.
CO2 analysis kits, a scam and complete waste of money or an essential tool you can't grow without? Get the facts pg. 693.

And TONS more...


Odor Control & Elimination

Growing weed and smoking marijuana will produce odors. These odors can be strong enough to attract attention, so it is important to learn how to eliminate them if you don't want your grow area to get discovered. Before learning how to grow weed, many people are concerned about marijuana odors. This section has been designed to show the most well-known effective and practical methods for total grow room odor elimation.

Don't get caught! Learn the single most effective easy to implement method you can use to prevent ALL odors from escaping from your grow room. (pg. 710)
18 quick & powerful smell busting remedies. Read this useful comprehensive list if that weed smell concerns you. Grow cannabis worry free! (pg. 710)
Ozone. All about it, lifespan, how effective it is, all about generators, and how to produce it in your grow room to ERADICATE odors for good. (pg. 712)
  WARNING: the DANGERS of ozone. Ozone over-exposure is a very serious health threat to the precious lungs of any grower. Learn everything you need to know to safely use this powerful odor elimiation tool without severely harming you or your plants. (pg. 714)
Get the ozone facts for a stealthy grow. (pg. 714)
Problems and symptoms to immediately know if you are experiencing an over-exposure of ozone and what to do RIGHT AWAY. (pg. 714)
How prolonged ozone exposure can severely damage the human body long-term and how to set it up correctly for proper health and frosty coated buds - (pg. 714)
Preventing over-exposure, the complete safety guide for how to grow weed. (pg. 715)
Active Carbon Filtration. All about this highly effective stealth-enhancing odor removal tool. A sensible addition to any grow room. Get the most up-to-date information available anywhere on the subject. (pg. 716)


Final Words - (pg. 718)
Glossary of Terms (pg. 719)
growweed And much MUCH more...



Not Only Will You Be Getting The Complete Guide for Growing Your Own Elite Bud, I'm Also Going To Throw In (100% For Free) These INSANE Bonuses...


plant problems

Free Bonus #1 - The Cannabis Care Manual


Your complete go-to emergency medicinal marijuana plant guide. The ebook that originally sold for upwards of $34.95 is now yours completely FREE with the purchase of Ryan's latest book.

Featuring 120 solid pages of the latest most effective up-to-date information on eradicating pests, nutrient deficiencies, PH managment, organic controls, environmental stresses, molds, fungus, diseases and more...

Find out the COMPLETE effective methods of treating, identifiying, and preventing ANY garden affliction that may accidentally sneak into your garden. If you've got the problem, the Cannabis Care Manual has the speedy solution.



Inside You'll Get...

Fully illustrated pictures of every single common pest and nutrient deficiency that that affects marijuana plants.

marijuana grow videos The Quick Marijuana Plant Problem Troubleshooting guide for rapidly solving ANY problem.
All about nutrient deficincies, including pictures of each symptom, complete remedies, identification, and treatment. Macro and micro nutrients both included.
recipes Plant streses, the symptoms and exactly what to do about them.
how to Molds, fungi, disease and more... complete prevention and effective treatment using either chemical or organic controls so you get to sidestep the frustration and stress of these garden disasters so many aspiring growers experience on their first time grow.
growfaq And much MUCH more...






Free Bonus #2 - The Stoner's Cookbook


After harvesting your tasty new buds you will be left with a bunch of "skuff or "shake" - this is basically all the leftover plant foliage, and guess what, it doesn't have to be thrown away! Did you know the leaves and excess "waste" of the plant is PACKED with THC-rich resin? And guess what else! You can take this nuclear material, prepare it in just the right way (it's easy!) and make super potent delicious marijuana baked goods!

Or, if you want even more potent tasty treats - you can grind up your amazing marijuana you willl be learning to grow in abundance and use it to cook in delicious recipes that will have your friends raving.

Forget messy kitchens, long complicated recipes, or boring scientific technical "cannabis cook books" this book was specifcally designed for the stoner in mind. Featuring some of the most delicious, easy to make (many taking less than 5 minutes total assembly time), gourmet ganja treats that'll get all your friends mouths watering. Learning to make your very own potent snacks has never been easier - or more fun!



Inside You'll Get...

Over 57 delicious pot-specific gourmet munchies recipes for you to bake in minutes and enjoy. Examples include Cannabutter/Cooking Oil/CannaMilk[the essential building blocks to all baking recipes], Hash Fudge, Rich Chocolatey Weed Brownies, Scooby Snacks, Baked Turtle Cheesecake, Rice Krispy Treats, Triple Chocolate Smores Marijuana Pie, Banana Bud Bread, Cannacoffee Milkshakes, Herbal Spaghetti Sauce, Garlic Herb Mashed Potatoes, and many more tasty mouth-watering treats.

How to make your very own THC pills that you can take with you anywhere you go. The complete guide - (pg. 32)
Preparing your own marijuana tinctures with ease! (pg. 10)
A secret, extremely potent, legendary cannabis recipe born in the heart of Japan that took over 5 years to master and perfect. This is not for the weak willed, it is literally the most potent way to consume and prepare marijuana on the planet in existence today and I am NOT exaggerating one bit. Users who have tried this have reported pulsating colorful blue lights, extreme euphoric spirtual awakeneings, and such unbelievable levels of high that they have never imagined real...thats lasts forever...some feel knocked out for 8-10 hours on average. Seriously don't try this, it might even be dangerous - I've included the complete step-by-step preparation instruction for reference and entertainment purposes only. (pg. 53)
overgrow Featuring lots LOTS more...







strain base

Free Bonus #3 - The Ultimate Strain Guide


Pineapple Punch? Sticky Sister?

Purple Shaman?

Schnazzleberry? Hawaiin Snow?

Fighting Buddha?


Buying seeds is tough if you don't know about your strain. this near complete listing includes over 1000 of the most popular common marijuana strains, including high reports, Breeder(where to get the strain), Type(Sativa or Indica dominant? the exact ratio), Lineage(Genetic cross), Indoor Harvest(flowering) Time, Outdoor Harvest(flowering) time, Breeder's Description so you know EXACTLY what you'll be buying.

A marijuana seed strain is the base of your entire grow. Depending on your individual needs and goals as a grower, you need to become aware of the different types and exactly how they will affect your garden and overall output.



Inside You'll Get...

The top 5 best known strains of marijuana in the WORLD. Here's a sneak peak at #1: The first puff has your heart start racing and you immediately feel your eyes glaze over in pink, soon to be a very bright red. You taste kerosene at first, then chocolate and bubblegum on the exhale. The after-taste is that of exotic berries, of many types from around the world. One more small puff and you'll be cruising for 5 hours. A total of 4 puffs and you'll be Euphoric for 8-10 hours+ This strain has been to known to fetch $60+ per gram and holds an estimated THC level of 36%.Many actors are requesting this strain and are paying upwards of $60+/gram. They are saying it's better than the "skinny drug" because the high is more Euphoric, lasts longer with no hangovers, allowing them to work the following day. Also, they are getting 10 times the doses from a single gram at half the cost of the "skinny drug". When's the last time you've heard of ten cannabis seeds costing $1000?The current King strain on the planet is.... (find out on pg. 3)

The complete rundown of choosing a top-grade strain. Including comprehensive descriptions of Sativas, Indicas, Feminized, Cross Breeds, Indoor, Outdoor, Height, Potency, and Harvest Yield.
How to choose a reliable seed bank(where to get good seeds?) so you don't get ripped off and lose $100 on sketchy companies.
Who do the experts get their best seeds from? Ranging from the ultra-reliable popular companies that have been around for years to the underground 'nobodys' who carry some legendary elite secret incredible genetics; I have included my *very* personal list(I almost didn't release this to the public, but I decided I couldn't keep these amazing strains all to myself). Get the full marijuana seed bank reviews and comprehensive seedbank listing on pg. 7
Over 1000+ full strain listings so you know just what to look for to give you the type of stone and taste you want in your fantasy bud.
growcannabis Including many more cannabis strain selection essentials...







homemeade smoking devices

Free Bonus #4 - Build Your Own Homemade Smoking Devices


This awesome little do-it-yourself guide contains blueprints, ideas, and instructions for building over 114+ AWESOME pipes and bongs using readily-available simple household items. Some of the ideas you'll get from this book will excite you and BLOW YOU WAY!

Featuring fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for making your own incredible homemade smoking devices has never been any easier. Get ready to impress all your friends with these wicked little tokers that rip hardddd.



Inside You'll Get...

All about bongs. Learn the complete design plans and learn the ins-&-outs. Including system design considerations, The Water Test, scraping your bong, homemade smoking device aesthetics, materials, liquids, and more!

Over 114+ AWESOME pipes & bongs do-it-yourself ideas and fully illustrated step-by-step construction plans including the Bamboo RIpper, Apple Pipes, Steamrollers, The Chinese Waterfall Bong(& Gravity Bong + How-To Use), Trippy Acid Trip Bong, The Magical Lumberjack Pipe, Honey Bear Bong, and so much more. This is only scratching the surface.
Blunt Rolling 101: Learn to roll like a pro. But be warned; with these skills come great responsibility - anytime a blunt is about to be twisted be prepared to get a call from some very eager friends!!! This fully illustrated, step-by-step guide shows you the secret technique to rolling Elite Blunts that will have everybody envious.
Build your own incredibly effective homemade vaporizers! Including complete illustrated step-by-step plans for the classic design and the Volcano.
weedgrow Also inside; much MUCH more...









Free Bonus #5 - Ganja Etiquette


Smoking is a great thing. It brings people together and helps them to bond while they are in a “higher” state of consciousness. However, certain unspoken social rules do exist whenever people get together for a good old Ganja sesh. Oftentimes the faux pas of a newbie smoker can unknowingly ruin everyone else's high. For all you know, you may even be the one doing these annoying things and you don’t even know! If you suddenly find no one wants to smoke with you anymore, no worries! =] Consult your Ganja Etiquette guide and you will be well on your way to developing a certain modicum of ganja smoking civility.

After interviewing hundreds of regular everyday chill stoners & long-time smokers about their pet peeves and what truly makes an enjoyable social smoke; Ganja Etiquette was born.

Learn the 41 Unspoken Social Rules of Smoking, the things that EVERYONE hates in "that guy" who ruins everybody else's high. If you smoke with others you MUST know these - you could be making one of these highly annoying social blunders right now and not even be aware you're the one doing it!






marijuana security

Free Bonus #6 - Marijuana Security Blackbook


Privacy is important. Learn powerful effective methods to keep your garden private and secure.



Inside You'll Get...


Grow room stealth. Learn the ins-&-outs of the art of growing stealthily indoors.

All about thermal imaging technology. This intrusive hardware can see inside your home in seconds. Learn how to be 100% protected.
Learn from the pain of others - discover the top most common reasons most medicinal marijuana growers get discovered... so you don't.
Be prepared. Get all the legal facts, know your rights, and stay safe.
Learn how to purchase equipment, seeds & other goodies, online & offline; for maximum privacy and total anonymity.
cannabis cookbook Electricity spiking, red-flags being sent up, and how you can easily avoid these and other hassles using the included powerful proven Marijuana Security Manual techniques so you can grow stress and worry free & enjoy your new smoke without being paranoid in any way shape or form.
growmarijuanafast And much more so you can enjoy a safe, happy, and successful marijuana grow...







- Growing Elite Marijuana The Complete System -

by Cannabis Connoisseur Ryan Riley


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Why Growing Elite Marijuana is Different Than ANY Other Grow Book, DVD, or product out there today…

.-This system was created by an expert grower with over 20 years of experience who specializes not only in growing potent top-caliber crops, but TEACHING others how to do it equally as well. Ryan has created a system that literally allows growers to download it, read it within minutes, and transfer his skills to the fortunate few.

-Combines the best of both worlds(the technical grow manual and the easy follow along guidebook), not only are you getting a highly detailed guide that goes extremely in-depth for every aspect of cannabis cultivation and beyond… it also is extremely easy to follow along and understand. It serves as BOTH a jam-packed reference and a total new grower how-to guide.

-This unique brand new program is the newest and most comprehensive out there today. It's the best of the best jam-packed full of the latest and greatest up-to-date techniques. Most of the popular grow "bibles" and similar books out there today are nearing 5 years old and max out around 512 pages or less(not to mention littered with full page ads and useless grainy photos - if you extracted their pure growing info it would most likely amount ot well over 200 pages of solid growing information. Ryans guide gives you well over 700+ pages of the freshest up-to-date information on one subject and one subject only - growing elite marijuana.)

-This book has been organized with the first time grower in mind, unlike most grow books out there that are "reference volumes" tht just spew a bunch of information at you, this book is like a cannabis school all-in-one that teaches you the basics first and guides you by the hands you can go from literally knowing nothing to a veteran pro in record time. It has taken over 5 years to put together and I am very excited with the final product.

Reserve your copy today(before the price skyrockets)!


What Are The Main Benefits You Will Receive From This Program?

-Easily and quickly learn to grow your own bud utilizing the best system available today.

-Your very own great smelling, crystal-dusted sticky bud supply.

-Saving you tons of time and effort, trial and error. Get access to what works best for growing your own marijuana quick - IMMEDIATELY.

-You will not have to spend $1000's of dollars on grow books, magazines, wasted seeds, wrong equipment, time, labor, stress, DVDs, Cannabis College classes, or anything else... You get it all condensed in one easy-to-read format.

-With all that extra top-quality herb you're going to hold in your hands, you're going to be waaaay more relaxed and easy going around people.

-You will always have a worry free smoke and be able to smoke as much as you truly want, whenever you want

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-All the best bud you can smoke means you get to kiss insomnia, depression, anxiety or any other BS that may or may not plague you GOODBYE FOREVER!

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Imagine the KILLING you'll be saving by having your own bottomless nug supply. Would it be worth getting ALL OF THAT for a one time payment of $57 if I can save you upwards of $100's and $100's of dollars each and every month (or even week!?) on that dirt marijuana you're currently getting and $1000's of dollars annually on wasted grow efforts and grow classes / products / wasted seeds / etc.

So go ahead, you deserve to smoke the BEST. Truly.

Do not make the mistake of wasting $1000.00's of dollars on accidental failed grows, purchasing the wrong equipment, messing up your seeds, or any of the other countless common marijuana growing errors.

Go order it right now before the bonuses are GONE FOREVER and the price increases back to its original sales price of $219.99!!

Seeya inside the book,



Hey friend. I poured my heart and SOUL into this book and I would never want you to buy anything from me that didn't bring you great vibes and deep satisfaction. If you decide to buy my guide and start growing your own killer herb, and if at ANY time you feel you don't like my book and it isn't right for you, simply contact me & send everything back and I will give you a 100% no questions asked FULL REFUND.

That's my no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee to you.

You can return it all even if you don't like the way I made a punctuation on page 9. Honestly friend I am SO confident you will LOVE this program and get incredible results FAST. I've worked for over 5+ years honing this thing to perfection into what is literally the best system available n the subject available. I just know that I have created an incredible adventure for you to embark on from the very first page.

I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. Join the thousands of satisfied people who are learning to grow their own, as what economists refer to as the 'Green Rush' rapidly approaches the planet...

NOTE: Growing Elite Marijuana is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonuses onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

And remember...

Keep it GREEN, LOVING and full of LIGHT.


~Ryan Riley.

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